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  1. Great looking parts! Your skill is on par with Porkjet's and Nertea's!
  2. You know Woodkid, the record producer? I saw a screenshot of the game on his page stating "Can't stop playing" I got interested, looked the game up, downloaded the demo..."Can't stop playing"
  3. I've been away from KSP and the KSP community for a while. Now that I'm back, I gotta say.......WOW! You've been busy! Nice mods! Great progress!
  4. There's really no need for depreciation. As frozenwatters said, if someone doesn't want them, they could delete them themselves. The only thing they'd need is a little buff! Compared to their size, they fall a bit short. Just a bit
  5. If that's possible, it would be really nice! They all look nice, but wouldn't want to clutter the part list. (Not any more than it already is!!)
  6. Dare I say, this mod beats Habitat Pack?... Oh who am I kidding, this is brilliant! Great job so far. Looking forward to anything you have up your spacesuit! (No disrespect to Porkjet though, just saying this is more up-to-date and more awesome!!)
  7. You should be happy, 'cause that looks pretty cool!
  8. With some more polishing on the textures, this could compete with the other Mk3 expansions. Great work!
  9. You can see his work in the background! What a lovely mess!
  10. Deepest condolences Ted. Was that a hint or am I just overreading this!!?
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