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  1. hmmm... i made a new propeller that is more reliable, but longer, and i'm trying to get it to redock but i just cant figure out how any suggestions?
  2. Here we go, lets give this a shot Oh. Oh My. So that's what happens when physics tries to load it after unloading it...
  3. if you'll excuse my profanity... HELL YEA BRO I DID IT It's far from perfect BUT IT WORKS and yet.. I still forget to bring a ladder.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions and the modifications! I think that the main problem was my custom engine, because it was made on the spot so it probably wasn't tuned, like at all.
  5. ha but yeah, it uses only 2 stayputniks, one on each side, with some generators in the middle. i think it needs remodeling though...
  6. it's probably a lot more rudimentary than the one that i've seen elsewhere, also it was made from scratch, so a little less well tuned
  7. it started out with three, and I increased it to four and then down to 2, but with little to no effect... I tried to increase the wingspan after seeing the goliath sized wings that propeller planes seem to need in ksp, but it still won't take off... and I did increase the pitch a little, but i don't really know where it should be :/ I appreciate the help though (also working on a new propeller plane, going to be a large scale cargo craft)
  8. Hey guys! So I saw a few videos a while ago about electric propellers, and have been trying to make one ever since, but to no avail. Here is my current prototype. If someone could try and mess around with it a little I would appreciate it a lot it uses a combination stayputnik and thermometer hinge for the propeller, with a custom housing that i put together it has a sad top speed of 20 m/s, and no matter what i do i can't get it to go any faster! please help! more propellers.craft?dl=0 btw it also has a cargo bay and a bomb just because i wanted it to (press 1 for the cargo bay, 2 for the bomb)
  9. Gotcha, thanks! I'll tell you how it goes! so far, it seems as though this might be a breakthrough for tiny propeller planes everywhere