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  1., I downloaded them from here: Edit: now they do seem to work, weird.
  2. The craft files don't seem to be working for me. It says they are incompatible.
  3. Does this mod work with the current KSP version?
  4. Has anyone build a plane that is capable of dropping the Tsar Bomba without blowing itself up?
  5. Thanks for the help! I'll see if I can get it to work.
  6. If I do this all of the clouds disappear as well ( <-- image of my folders)
  7. First of all, thanks for the mod, I love it! I have a few questions though. I really like the clouds in this mod, but I don't like the textures of the cities during daytime ( Is there any way to remove them? Same goes for the aurora, I don't really like it and I'd like to remove it but I don't know how. ( I do like the textures for the citylights at night, so I'd like to keep them ( Is there any way to remove the daylight city textures and the auroras, but leaving the city lights as they are? The mods I have currently installed on 1.1 are: -DistantObject -SVE -KerbalEngineer -scatterer Thanks in advance!
  8. Does KSC++ work in 1.1? I installed it using the link in the OP ( ) and the latest 1.1 version of Kerbal Konstrukts ( When I launch KSP the extra buildings don't show up when I'm flying something, so I'm not sure whether I did something wrong or whether the mod doesn't work (yet).
  9. Probably a stupid question: how do I paint stuff. I installed the mod using the download link on page 25, but P doesn't do anything.
  10. Does anyone know what these things are? And is there a way to make the shadows a little less sharp? Thanks for the mod!
  11. Holy .... that thing looks good
  12. Yeah I really gotta find a way to make that look good
  13. A replica I made, doesn't fly very fast and takes a while to get rolling, but it looks cool. Can carry 240 kerbals. http://www./download/4vdrp074tsuvjqr/A380.craft