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  1. It wasn't a feature before. I'll say it that way. I mean it's not really an umbrella radiator when it is not in any way functioning as an umbrella.
  2. Several patches later, this is till happening.. cannot get the umbrella radiator to deploy or undeploy in space. It serves as an on/off switch but the animation is gone. Strangely in the VAB there appears to be two deploy/retract button areas.. one appears to govern activity, the other movement but one is not present outside the VAB. I've had to miniaturize them on my craft and just put them on in a deployed state because I literally cannot open the umbrella and do not know why.
  3. Folding radiator deployment animation on the umbrella radiator seems broken to me, anyone else experiencing this? This only happens outside the editors, when the device is deployed. They deploy fine inside the hangar and inside the VAB.
  4. Anyone have any clue what this is saying? It appears to be a Serenity expansion error for some part of the serenity module. [EXC 18:56:43.204] ReflectionTypeLoadException: Exception of type 'System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException' was thrown. System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes () (at <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0) AssemblyLoader.GetTypesOfClassesImplementingInterface[T] () (at <9d71e4043e394d78a6cf9193ad011698>:0) Expansions.Missions.MissionsUtils.InitialiseAdjusterTypes () (at <9d71e4043e394d78a6cf9193ad011698>:0) Expansions.Expansio
  5. I just hope they find some way of fixing the hard coded strutting on the landing gear.. because if they don't I'm not sure I'll be interested in Kerbals 2. I don't want a game where my space planes spontaneously detonate post-dock when they're supposed to be able to dock and I have no choice in making them better or fixing them if there's an issue caused by a rogue physics mechanic. I liked kerbals, but this has broken more than one career for me and the sheer unpredictable random nature of it.. I mean I'd dock undock a thousand designs with gear on board then suddenly, out of nowhere, self-im
  6. And I haven't suggested their complete elimination. That'd be just as sloppy as having them functioning the way they are now. They just need a touch up on behavior. Give them the ability to remember where they're connected before and after a docked state.
  7. That's an idea I could get behind.. but metal spontaneously re-routing itself after craft launch.. hardly logical. @FreeThinker almost killed the auto-strut kracken, but's squad hard-coding and the fact that settings changes apparently are locally instanced and only res in normal time said no. 45 minutes of troubleshooting with the ability to turn the struts off, on everything except landing gear. This is the nightmare that results when structural components on space-ships by default auto-orient themselves and you can't tell them to stop, it's even hard coded against it:
  8. Oh, I understand how they work.. the game gets confused as to what is strutted to what on a separation causing craft to spontaneously com bust, that's how they work.. and shouldn't. A well coded game would keep track of what is old craft, what is new craft, and what is connected to what so that before and after separation they are still two distinct craft with known strut points. Just like all the other parts know how they're connected by record.
  9. Autostrut access during time-warp still appears not to show up on my menus. Anyone else not seeing this feature?
  10. Found another possible way courtesy of @FreeThinker . He's added a feature to KSPIE that will allow me to alter strut states during a time warp, which means I should be able to disable them on the craft before physics kicks in.. if I'm lucky. I'll know Friday. Will be streaming to create a how-to and test video to see if it works. So the hope is to time warp the craft before load, so that it doesn't ever enter physics render and stays together, kill all part strutting.. and see how it goes.
  11. I have a station/space plane obliterating itself due to auto-strut activity. I was wondering if there are any existing mods, or if anyone would be willing to create one that will allow the changing of auto-strut settings during non-physics time warp. it may be the only way for me to save it at this point.
  12. @FreeThinker I am beginning to think something goes wrong with the kspie universal joints for docking. I have one craft that has a configuration almost identical to the other, the one with the uni ports flys apart with autostrut errors, the other does not. I managed to get the minmus orbital lab separated, turned off all non-landing gear heavy part autostruting and it still breaks apart. I suspect they may do this with any craft with landing gear. Update: Managed to undock and save half the craft.. but the other plane still detonating.. Now very doubltful it's the docking port. Alm
  13. To save myself sanity and time I might have to see about editing the part if possible and making grandparent the default state. Just wish auto-struts in general worked better without having the need to abandon or reduce the breadth of their use.
  14. What about the landing gear? It'd just be nice to not have to worry about that constantly and just have the auto-struts perform relative to their original craft format rather than spontaneously reconnecting.
  15. No, I did some research, it's an auto-strut targeting failure. It had no target part. Happens on docked craft with auto-strut configs present. Problem is.. every space plane will have some form of landing gear. Every landing gear is auto-strut heavy by default. But interestingly, the orbital moon base in the same config except that is not using the universal docking ports is not giving the same failures... *confused* Cheating the lab temporarily to moho, fixed the entire thing as one piece.. cheating it back to minmus, it broke again. Will try to fix it this weekend by cheating to moh
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