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  1. it feels like all the random stock songs that play during ship building start like 30 seconds into the song, so it just changes at random it feels like
  2. I think any potential sleazy monetizing you could put into the game would be quite quickly undermined by hacking, I mean the configuration and save files containing data for part efficiency, funds and science are all easily accessible and can be modified to the players benefit with notepad, so some amount of encryption or Online Mode Only would be necessary to force the cashbrabbing scumbaggery :U and not to mention mods, they would have to have some serious restrictions or power limits to ensure you cant install an add-on that doesn't also undermine the games difficulty and elimin
  3. i do wish ground effect was modeled, not just so i can make hovercraft but because it will keep me from smashing my larger planes to bits on landing and give some real purpose to airbrakes
  4. airships are lovely, and great for exploration and transport, but the previous mods were hooliganlabs (mostly very impractical shapes and lacking any useful airship engines of its own) and modular airships (Very realistic and confusing and difficult to use effectively), but now we got nothing, and I really miss it. its just really relaxing to me to fly a nice slow airship around duna or eve, and cool to use it with KAS and mining for ore (previously with kethane) to fly indefinitely.
  5. kerbol has an atmosphere and seems to have a surface hitbox far from the visible surface, but is it possible to land there? i mean obviously its not likely possible without disabling heat first, but i do wonder how much the new inflatible heat sheilf coild take, or just turn heat off completely and try parachuting. thing is youd need the strongest heat sheild and vessel possible, as hitting the stmosphere of the sun will be horribly straining at the speed of entry even without heat being accounted for
  6. hmmm. this could be an interesting option on multiplayer, just not sure how itd be balanced
  7. playing the new 1.1 pre release and messing about with the physics, I realize how much im relying on looking at data, and how much stock completely lacks any physics or performance or even a thrust to weight indicator. I do wonder why it isn't a stock part of ksp, cuz without it, I just don't feel confident launching things ya know? cant instantly test the range of small rockets or anything.
  8. to me I try to really limit the amount of nuclear power I use, use one engine if possible and a small single reactor as an rtg for stations
  9. anyone ever tried that? i dont know if this counts as a challenge but it would be an interesting idea, everythijg would have to be tiny and efficient, how would you get something like a science lab to orbit?
  10. for a school project, hope our voice acting isnt too terrible. im not sure how to embed this on mobile
  11. [quote name='Thunder_86']The movie itself was pretty crappy, but when you love space like we all do here, you gotta admit, the images were breath taking! I watched it twice and loved it just for the visuals! When Georges Clooney opens the hatch while Sandra Bullock is in the lander without her helmet on, the first time I saw the movie, I went berserk lol. I was like thats it! They blew it! No way she could survive that... She'd freaking freeze instantly and probably explode because of the vacuum.. But then when you realise she dreamt that, I was like ok... pheew! Saved it! lol.[/QUOTE
  12. [quote name='CliftonM']Why buy a generator if you can leave the food outside?[/QUOTE] wow... why did I no thinkof that? we had a fridge downstairs in the garage
  13. [quote name='maltesh']I assume you're referring here to "The Legend of the Titanic: An Animated Classic," where a giant octopus holds the sinking ship up long enough for dolphins and whales to rescue everyone aboard.[/QUOTE] hehe well... I heard rumors that the ending was like that... but it still works in case I was wrong, guess I wasn't.
  14. ooh, had the worst of it a while ago, I think it was 08? 09? where the united states was somehow totally snowed over and cold and icey rain covered the entirety of my county like an inch deep, power was out for like 2 weeks straight so we bought a generator to keep the fridge running
  15. I think the problem isn't the timing but whats happened, I mean, the crew was lost and making a movie of a rescue mission saving them would just be confusing and bordering on distasteful as its like "this is how nasa could have not killed 7 people lets rub it in!". now I don't honestly think that but some people would and I cant honestly blame them for it. if the mission had been carried out and successful the It could be interesting, but as it is, it just feels weird and revisionist to make such a movie. like imagine if they made a movie about the titanic where a the last moment
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