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  1. I'm working on a simple mod to add internal combustion engines. It needs liquid fuel and intake air to run; the part has the intake module, and it's at the top as it's supposed to be, but for some reason it doesn't work. When I try to start the engine it acts like it isn't getting any air. Here's my part file and a short video demonstrating the issue. engine.cfg: Video:
  2. You're right. I must have been lucky when I tested the Squad part a few days ago, because it had the problem today. It appears that they've fixed it in 1.6 though.
  3. I've encountered a bug where if you lock a tank in the SPH/VAB, various engines from this mod will instantly drain the contents if you unlock them in-flight. It's happened on most of the engines I've tested so far (MATTOCK, ESTOC, and the Aerospike, and presumably others). I tested it in an otherwise stock install of KSP 1.5 (except for the dependencies) to confirm that it's an issue with this mod. I'm using the latest release,
  4. Is that... a crown victoria? Oh, GTA. I don't know the GTA license, but you should make sure you can use the model if its imported from that. Anyway, you should add the KSP version to the thread title as well.
  5. I am making a command pod with ladders and airlocks. Each of the ladders and airlocks use a plain cube, with each mesh collider having 'Convex' and 'Is Trigger' checked, as per the wiki tutorial. Unity imports the model and texture into the GameData without any issues, but in the VAB/SPH the part isn't there. I checked the log, where I found this: The rest of the log is here: http://pastebin.com/FQxYJQeQ This is the model in Unity: As you can see, there are no concave parts in the model, so I should not be receiving the error.
  6. The link for the 64k mod for Outer Planets is broken. When you click download it just returns a 404.
  7. After long periods of EVA (maybe half an hour real time), Kerbals will spontaneously and rapidly increase in temperature, finally dying at roughly 900C after 10-20 seconds. Right now, I've gotten around it by modifying the persistent.sfs file, but I'm curious of anyone has any clues at to what it causing it. KSP.log Mods installed:
  8. I'm writing a plugin for a part and was wondering how to get the amount of electricity (or any resource for that matter) in a current vessel. When called, the function will find out how much electric charge is in the current vessel, and return with an integer. Here's a pseudo-code example of what I'm looking for: [B]int[/B] electricityAmount = vessel.getElectricCharge();
  9. What if the negative mass object did not actually touch the positive portion of the vessel, but was 'towed' along with magnets? In other words: > Rocket gives thrust > Magnet attached to positive mass part 'pushes' against magnet on negative mass part, which in turn moves towards the first magnet (because of its negative mass) Now obviously, I am no physicist, and I understand that I may be making some fundamental mistake or misunderstanding that sticks out like a sore thumb to those who are educated experts in the field. This seems so simple, that I have a 'feeling' that I'm miss
  10. Assuming that negative mass is indeed real, would it be theoretically possible to create a spacecraft that had negative mass 'counter weights' almost equal in mass to the positive mass, making the spacecraft extremely light (and thus giving it more delta-V from the same amount of fuel)?
  11. What's with the piece of debris on the underside of the runway for the carrier?
  12. For those who would like to know, this mod appears to work just fine in 0.90.0.
  13. Thank you, I greatly appreciate this. Real Fuels is an essential mod for me, and it's one of the last things holding me back from starting 0.90. A rep for you!
  14. I second this. If others disagree, then I think it should at least be optional in a config file or something.
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