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  1. [QUOTE]On the contract side of the game, Brian (Arsonide) has written a new system which he’s been looking forward to for quite some time now: instead of the current behavior where the game generates new contracts in a random way within the restraints of player progress, the game will now attach a weight to every type of contract, and use that to learn the player’s preference of contracts, making those contracts that the player prefers more likely to show up.[/QUOTE] This right here is now officially my favorite feature in 1.1 - nice move! This will make contracts far more meaningful and enjoyable to the user, as well as opening up tons of doors for customization. Super psyched about it! [quote]More progress comes from Jim (Romfarer) who has been throwing himself at the stage manager[/quote] Looking forward to the KSPlay on broadway!
  2. I would imagine they're quite busy at the moment. US holiday mere days after a major update - servers are probably getting pounded! I'm not even playing the game until 1.1 and I've already downloaded around 20 mods from the site; imagine what everyone else here is doing...
  3. With a mindset like that, you could run for office!
  4. You're correct that it doesn't need to be in that folder. Your setup is totally fine, it was a lazy regex that didn't account for some windows formatting in your persistent.sfs. I uploaded a quick bug fix - - which should work!
  5. Hey oab2, sorry it's not running right! It should work just fine on 1.0.4 so can you upload your files so I can take a look at what might be happening? At the very least I'd like to check your persistent.sfs and ScienceDefs.cfg, but it wouldn't hurt to have the others as well. Thanks so much.
  6. A few dozen times a day, 1 minute each, that's basically 8 weeks right there, but that's 8 weeks of non-stop time, 24 hours a day. I think we're well within the "worth it" range!
  7. If you want to use git, you could simply automate this - a rudimentary bash script could take care of all the the adding and committing. Personally, I just backup persistent.sfs after I quit, placed into dropbox with the time and date. Simple script, run it when I'm done, no thinking. Here's the source, also copied below: #!/usr/bin/env bash # by Amory Meltzer # Simply copy pilot files to a save directory dateandtime=$(date +%Y.%m.%d_%H%M%S) folderpath='/Users/Amory/Dropbox/KSPstuff/pilot_backups/'$dateandtime ksppath='/Applications/KSP_osx' userlist=$(ls -1 $ksppath'/saves' | grep -v scenarios | grep -v training) mkdir "$folderpath" for i in $userlist do cp "$ksppath/saves/$i/persistent.sfs" "$folderpath/$i.persistent.sfs" done ls -lFGh "$folderpath/"
  8. Minor tweak - have the SCAN agency only offer scanning contracts. Rescuing Kerbals seems outside their stated purview...
  9. Awesome update! Psyched about the contracts integration, I know you've were super helpful enabling them in the first place. What will happen to those of us using his contract pack already, will it all switch over nicely, or should we grab some new contracts for already-scanned planets?
  10. Everyone has summed it up pretty well here. I use both because I like MJ for some and KER for others --> porquenolosdos.jpg