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  1. Gallai is not playing nice with my 1.8.1 Realism Overhaul install. I simulated Lunar landings with KRASH and noticed that orbit line is stationary and the Moon moves away from it. When I managed to land my craft instantly started sliding across the surface at exactly 120 m/s before getting destroyed. https://imgur.com/a/15Ecyqe There's no problem without Principia, but I cannot check with past versions of Principia because there's no more download links to older versions.
  2. Is there any decent guide on beating real world to crewed lunar landing? I am playing on normal difficulty and I can't even keep up with the historical timeline. For my past two careers I took advice from that guide on the github wiki of RP-1. By investing only in VAB and tech, I am able to keep pace until about the first orbit (1955-1956). After that, I simply cannot research nodes fast enough. By around 1960, real world catches up to me, and after that I fall about 5-7 years behind. I keep seeing careers of other players with lunar landings in 1966. At the same time, my past career has
  3. I would like to contribute with my save file. Is posting to github the only way? I wouldn't open an account just for just this one thing, if it isn't necessary.
  4. I'm using Principia with RO on version 1.7.3. and I noticed that my persistent file has ballooned in size after launching 4-5 satellites to low Earth orbit. File has gone from around 400-700 kB to 200+ MB. Is this normal behavior? Scene changes now take several minutes, if the game doesn't crash outright or becomes unresponsive.
  5. I thought the same but felt the need to check. I have two different saves, both are currently in 1959-1960. But the "problematic" save has a persistent file roughly 500 times larger (200 MB vs. 400 kB). Principia has written a lot of something in the file. The "good" save has just one of these. The "problematic" has dozens, if not more.
  6. Is it possible that the new version of RO has slowed my game? Since I installed it, scene changes are much longer and my framerate in-flight is lower. My game has crashed several times over few days and crash logs are saying access violation happened. Updated it via CKAN and nothing else has changed in my install.
  7. I have an issue with Kerbalism where it shows that Pioneer 4 probe has enough EC to last for 3+ days but in-flight it runs out after just 20 hours. I have tried to add a battery but then it's too heavy to be thrown on a Lunar trajectory with my basic rocket.
  8. Are there any Scatterer configs for RSS? I am aware that RSSVE exists but I would like only the Scatterer part for performance reasons. I tried searching several topics but only found a config for Earth only.
  9. Turns out there's no problem. RP-1 currently does not support procedural SRBs. However, having played with RO for a while, I'm not sure I understand how RealAntennas works. My GEO relay isn't...relaying, and the mod wiki is not of much help.
  10. Thanks for the info I haven't played KSP with RO since 1.2.2. Is there a known reason why procedural SRBs are not supported anymore?
  11. Does RP-1 support procedural SRBs in 1.7.3? I noticed that, after installing RP-1 (v1.2.1.), the Procedural SRB part vanished from VAB part menu, even in sandbox mode. I have installed Procedural Parts 1.13.19. from Github, as instructions specify.
  12. Just as a sanity check, does RO still support procedural SRBs? I installed RO a few times but I can't find the part in VAB. I followed instructions closely and managed to narrow it down to one of recommended extra mods. Is there a mod conflict that I am missing? Edit: Narrowed it down to RP-1.
  13. When you run out of runway and vertical velocity needle never gets above 0. "Landing gear is overstressed." Ascending with FAR and realising SRBs don't gimbal. Realising 2nd stage's TWR won't get to 2270 m/s in time. When you realise your ablator won't hold out to the end of reentry. Radial boosters ignite and clip through the main core. Recreating lifting reentry and parachute goes poof. Rocket breaks up during ascent and mk3 cockpit is the only thing that's left. (see: STS-51-L)
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