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  1. When you run out of runway and vertical velocity needle never gets above 0. "Landing gear is overstressed." Ascending with FAR and realising SRBs don't gimbal. Realising 2nd stage's TWR won't get to 2270 m/s in time. When you realise your ablator won't hold out to the end of reentry. Radial boosters ignite and clip through the main core. Recreating lifting reentry and parachute goes poof. Rocket breaks up during ascent and mk3 cockpit is the only thing that's left. (see: STS-51-L)
  2. Early into heavily modified 64k career, and flying tourists to space (suborbital) with a rocketplane is my cash cow. No gears researched and I'm relying on parachutes to land. I opened them too late on that instance. Shuttle 'Icarus' slams into tarmac near VAB, passengers compartment destroyed and cockpit with Jeb somehow lands intact few steps away.
  3. Granted, apocalypse is brought unto (model of) Solar System by a horde of toddlers.. I wish less rain and freezing wind in my city during winter.
  4. Akin's laws proving themselves once more...
  5. It's important to distinguish the original (STS, 1969) Shuttle from the final (1972) design of Shuttle. The original Shuttle was supposed to be a small spaceplane with payload capacity of 5,000 kg and crew capacity of 10 (maybe, can't find the source). IMHO 1969 Shuttle wouldn't make sense to ferry (just 5 tons of) metals to surface, and 1972 Shuttle was, of course, unbelievably expensive.
  6. Has anyone been having warp in atmosphere problems? Even though it's physical warp (alt+period) game switches to non-physical warp. Engines are shut down, craft can't be controlled and atmosphere is unloaded. Some if the mods installed that cause this: FAR, KJR, Orbital Decay.
  7. Is there a way to adapt flight planner's maneuver nodes to stock KSP? They would be very useful for low TWR vessels..
  8. With your permission, I will land this in my sig
  9. I was wondering if there's a mod that takes the TWR of a vessel into consideration, something like what Principia does in it's flight planner. While sending a flyby probe to Eeloo in my 64K career, I had difficulties estimating the ∆V required and the ejection angle after maneuver since my stage had TWR of just 0.3. This would be great for ion and nuclear vessels. If it doesn't exist, could it be made? Is it hard to implement?
  10. I have played with it for some time and it is amazing!! However, it would be nice to have some basic guides in the future. Getting to Kerbin-Sun L1 required a lot of fiddling around.
  11. Wow guys, I've waited a long time for a new release, and peering for even longer. Now that I saw these very practical improvements (like flight planner), I would like to download it. So..I just ask them for download? *bows down in mild embarrassment*
  12. I've read about this some time ago, but I haven't really gotten into it. Now you got me clearly interested. Where can I find instructions on how to do it? How hard is it?
  13. There are no national space programs, just Earth Space Program located in the Earth Space Center, on the west shores of Atlantic Ocean, which is full of discarded and exploded rocket stages. We are all happy, even in the darkest hour, and there are no wars. On the downside, where do we all live?!