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  1. Hate me all you want, but no Mun launch base for PC, no buying this DLC. Leaving content out of the PC version for whatever reason (woe to console users) is unacceptable from a pro consumer standpoint. Do not encourage this behavior by giving Squad more money. And no, saying we have mods to add something in that console players get is not an excuse/relevant. Thanks!
  2. Very disappointing. Squad has fallen very low, offering exclusives to certain platforms while ignoring the platform that made the game what it is. I was quite excited for that feature when it was announced.
  3. Re-quoting so you see this again. This is an official fix from Squad.
  4. I have always suspected the Kerbals of being the Krork. We know the true origin of the orcs! We unleashed the WAAAAAAAAGH!
  5. Same problem. Actually trying to open any difficulty settings with this mod in 1.4.2 bricks the game and requires a client restart.
  6. KSP will often lock up and freeze for 3 or 4 seconds, sometimes the screen will go black or green. I run multiple monitors, and running Youtube or Netflix appears to exacerbate the issue. Now I have run some stress tests on my GPU and they have come back fine, and I don't experience this particular issue on any other game. I am posting in the unmodded section since this is a problem that occurs in a clean vanilla save and in a modded save with the same frequency. I am curious if anyone else encounters this. I am running KSP 64-bit mode on a GTX 980 TI with a i7-5820k, drivers are fully updated.
  7. Naw. I am trying to rescale the 2.5m fairing by creating a new part with a new .cfg
  8. Basically I want to create a 3m fairing. I have messed around with modifying .cfg files, however, I am unable to conjure the part to show up in the game. Can someone explain how I can effectively create a 3m fairing? I would be most grateful, Thanks!
  9. I know this is a horrible thing to say, but, I just really like the parts. I play rather casually, and is there a separate parts pack? Or easier still, is it possible for me to just cut out the non parts stuff on my own without wasting your time. Wonderful parts btw, I love the habs.
  10. First. Nothing productive to add. Looks cool tho!
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