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  1. I've already de-orbited and quit the game but I'll see if I can reproduce right now. Will edit this post Edit: Apparently it was bound to the keypad with up/down being 8/2, left right being 4/6. and forward/backward being 7/9. ...? I have never changed it and always used HNJKLI. Is this a new default for 1.01/1.02?
  2. So I was doing the first "rescue x kerbal stranded in orbit" contract of my career today and as I approached the target pod, I couldn't use the HNJKLI keys to use the RCS placed on my vehicle. Is this a limitation of low-starred pilots? For reference: Yes I had RCS turned on. Yes I had enough monoprop Caps Lock (Fine Control) was Off. The pod was piloted by Jeb (1 star) There were no particle trails coming out of the nozzles when I pressed the buttons, completely unresponsive. WASD still worked and used the RCS for rotation, it was just the translation keys that weren't doing anything. Even when I entered Docking Mode and used WASD, still no translation.
  3. Ihave KSP 23.5 and KER I just checked my KSP folder and didn't find any extra copies of KER... I also deleted and reinstalled KER and that didn't work. Here is the output_log.txt file: http://www./view/toqttgn8fw22rm1/output_log.txt
  4. I have an issue/bug to report/ask for help with: Whenever I add the Engineer part to a vessel, the Engineer UI doesn't appear and the vessel name field at the top of the screen will go blank and won't allow me to save any vessel. What gives?