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  1. Yup, my first orbit was a proud moment, I just sat there and looked at Kerbin for awhile. I think we only had like 10 parts at the time, so there where several failed attempts. Then right after that they added the Mun, after smashing into the surface several times at a couple hundred meters per second I finally landed. I was so proud for about half a second, then the command pod popped off and rolled down a hill . That was a bug at the time.
  2. I must be a pro ... I've done all of these .... more than once. And a few others as well, having astronauts stranded in solar orbit with no fuel springs to mind.
  3. That's a tough one. I mentally went through my list of favorite parts to find my most useful one; fuel lines, struts, radial and stack decouplers, solar panels, and about 4 of my most used engines. Then I remembered SAS. Maybe one day I will be a good enough pilot/designer to get away from using them, but for now they go one every single rocket I create.
  4. Haha, I don't blame you after reading a bit further. No it's nothing bad It's some shipping company
  5. Still not sure ... but I did find this KSP Shipping
  6. [quote name='RogueMason']The most infuriating bug in the game, if you ask me (hell, the most infuriating bug I've ever encountered, period!). I seriously don't know why it's been left for so long, but it [I]NEEDS[/I] fixing ASAP :mad:[/QUOTE] o/ Ha, I do that all the time. Even if I'm watching someone stream I'm clicking on the screen and trying to rotate the view so I can see what I want. Once or twice while watching streamers I've hit the "M" button on my keyboard to look at the orbit or intercepts, completely forgetting I'm not the one playing ..... I seem to remember a bug like this awhile ago where I had one rocket that would constantly blow up at around 30k on takeoff. F3 would always show something striking the launch pad, weird thing was that all my other rockets never had that problem, it was just that one.
  7. [quote name='abowl']Very funny[/QUOTE] I asked because a lot of people when fulfilling a contract use the bare minimum parts to keep cost down so they get a bigger payout. At one time (I don't know if it is still true since Squad said they were going to add a fix), people were using landing gear wheels since they are cheap and the contract would not be marked as complete. I also asked because I have a contract requiring wheels and was wondering if I could cut costs by using the landing gear or if I needed to use rover wheels.
  8. [quote name='Aperture Science']Environmentally conscious, eh? [url]http://i.imgur.com/OmyV3.png[/url][/QUOTE] Your pic reminded me of Ring World. You could almost build a ring with all of that debris :D I try to keep the space trash to a minimum: 1) For a bit of an added challenge ( I figure in modern day space exploration that would be a thing). 2) So I don't crash into anything. Once long ago I came within a few hundred meters of crashing into 8 empty orange fuel tanks that where in LKO, I think I was doing around 2,000 m/s at the time. I could just delete everything at the space center .. but where i the fun in that? I usually have stuff crash into a planet or moon when I can and just tell myself everything burnt up in re-entry or was destroyed with a 100% efficiency on impact. I have deleted the occasional part that is lying on the ground and did not blow up though. In trying to be environmentally conscious I almost killed some Kerbals a few days ago. I needed to orbit, land, and plant a flag on Minmus for a few contracts I combined into one mission. I was being lazy and just made an orange tank asparagus lifter. The last tank in that setup ended up being used to finish the orbit of Kerbin, a transfer stage, and a descent stage. I figured releasing the tank at about 2,500 meters above Minmus would destroy it ... it bounced ... almost straight up. There was a few panicked moments of seeing this orange tank with an attached Skipper coming straight for a craft that was about 1/4 of the tanks size. Luckily it missed by a few dozen meters :)
  9. [quote name='BenCushwa']The downside of this is that there is now less drag available to slow you down during e-entry and aerobreaking. Plan accordingly, and pack your heat shields.[/QUOTE] I love it, I actually use drogue chutes now which I never needed before.
  10. [quote name='Choctofliatrio']ONLY 1? So I can't have multiple of the same engine?[/QUOTE] Yeah, the more I think about it the more I don't think orbit would be remotely possible. I suppose a lot of fuel tanks could be drained but that would still be a lot of weight and trying to balance the craft would be ..... fun ......
  11. There is so much I've never done in KSP it's embarrassing (when I bought the game Squad had just added the Mun). I saw a blog the other day that I thought was amusing, someone (sorry I'm horrible with names) made a rocket with 1 of every part (except science parts), as predicted it blew up on the launch pad when physics kicked in. After seeing that I thought it might be a fun challenge to create a rocket with only 1 of every part (except fuel lines, struts, and launch stabilizers .. use as many as needed on those 3 parts) and try to get an orbit of at least 70 x 70 around Kerbin. But I'll probably never get around to it ... so yeah, that's something else I've never done :D
  12. That's kind of creepy and cool at the same time
  13. Jeb went to space today. Sometimes after playing for awhile I get bored and do stuff I plan on reverting back to the VAB. After a long play session the other night I suddenly remembered that it used to be pretty easy to launch a rocket, burn straight up, and have an escape trajectory not only from Kerbin but also the Sun. So I gave it a halfhearted attempt with Jeb as the pilot, burned through all my fuel, checked the map (nope Jeb was on his way to a solar orbit), and then promptly misclicked and hit the Space Center instead of Revert Flight. So now Jeb is on his way to Solar orbit and I have to send a rescue mission out after him. So glad I don't use life support mods as this may take awhile.