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  1. Can you support Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul? I have something prepared. // Support for GPO , http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/155740-13 // GLOBAL_RESOURCE { ResourceName = GoldOre ResourceType = 0 Distribution { PresenceChance = 25 MinAbundance = 0.01 MaxAbundance = 50 Variance = 50 Dispersal = 3 } } PLANETARY_RESOURCE { ResourceName = GoldOre ResourceType = 0 PlanetName = Gaia Distribution { PresenceChance = 0 MinAbundance =
  2. edit: --> I hope, this better to read. Would not it be better if carbonite was present in the exosphere, as is the community resource pack normal at Kerbin. To this I find no carborundum near the sun.
  3. Hi, I have just built a base, but if I focus on another ship is running the electricity within a few times and my team is close to death, when I then again my base clicks I have electricity again for 100 years. To Kerbalism, I use the way, Interstallar extendend.
  4. Hey, maybe you can put your pack on Github and put Karboundum (Karbonite Fusion stuff) in your pack. Because I do not get a piece of Karboundum together in your pack.
  5. Give it a possibility that you out a Pre-Release bring forth. All my bases exploding when I want to start the pack in 1.3 q.q
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