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  1. You ought to check that those science reports are actually being transmitted and logged. When that happened to me I was suffering the bug where they weren't transmitting any data that was meant to be fixed in the 1.8.6 release. I dl'd the 1.8.6 release and ended up with two ScienceAlert windows in the toolbar. Deleting ScienceAlert from GameData still left me with one toolbar window which activated. I couldn't find a location for a file outside that directory that was persistent so wiped and reinstalled KSP entirely. I'm going to check with a secondary install
  2. Thank you for continuing the updates. I'm struggling with 0.90 career running out of money or being pushed to do the same flyover missions, I seem to be stuck in a recursive loop. Hopefully your "Career - Intermediate; contracts, money, science, reputation, strategies, crew." will solve that.Oh and I am always up for guides using KVV! "The cantab principle"? Not an Oxon man I trust!
  3. I've never built a successful SSTO, but then I spend my time in the basement of Career mode playing around and blowing up. " how little you need for most missions" This was my big takeaway after I went through your tutorial originally. I still way over engineer and come back to your designs to remind me how simple and light really works.
  4. Thank you for doing this. I originally cut/paste your chapters as each was published and then edited them down myself to print out and work through. This will make things much simpler for folks coming after. And you know we'll always appreciate and never forget all your hard .... oh look, something shiny!
  5. Nothing constructive to add other than a hearty "hooray!" as I've been looking forward to getting into this more deeply.
  6. Fresh install of KSP and the Mod with the new (I think 2.1.5 Module Manager has eradicated the problem.) Thank you for the suggestion.
  7. I will need to check this at home later today but I've had the same issue crop up in my career mode. I have blizzy's toolbar app and in the VAB I can add one of the Engineer components, click the blizzy button and the box for the name of the my spacecraft at the top centre of the screen disappears. I can click it off again and it reappears. Oddly, when I launch I sometimes get the engineer panel and sometimes I get a two tone grey box, almost as though the whole of the readout display has shrunk to the location of its header. Sometimes it all "pops" back into view again although I've noticed that the vessel panel is not correctly updating the dV as I burn fuel. Sorry, sounds weird, I may take a screenshot later to evidence it. I will also check my version of KER. I am running KSP23.5. I will also remove KER and reinstall in case there is some issue, but its in the right place (GameData) and has worked perfectly right up to the point where I opened a new tech node to obtain the Skipper engine and as soon as I tried building rockets with the new node open I've had this issue. Don't want to sound like a complainer at all. its bound to be user error or a mod conflict, but I do love the utility this mod provides and the fact I like it so much means I posted here rather than just uninstalling and walking away from it.