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  1. In the meantime, children and geriatric politicians have figured out how to livestream on YouTube and Twitch simultaneously...for FREE. Platforms that might actually get an audience. I could figure it out, and I'm such a Luddite, I only have a cell phone because it was required for my job.
  2. What Street said. ISP is kind of BS number. What we're really interested in is the "effective exhaust velocity", which is Ve = g0 * ISP. We just defined it as ISP = Ve / g0 because it's a useful shortcut for other calculations on Earth. These are not typically used for gameplay. From wikipedia: "Specific impulse, measured in seconds, effectively means how many seconds this propellant, when paired with this engine, can accelerate its own initial mass at 1 g. The longer it can accelerate its own mass, the more delta-V it delivers to the whole system."
  3. It's when the two planets arrive at the same phase angle again. This is dependent on the ratio of their orbital periods. Let's say you want to go from Planet 1 to Planets 2 or 3. As it happens, the angle between 1 and 2 or 3 is optimal at Year 0, Day 0. How long does it take until the transfer to each is optimal again? This is a bit incomplete, but it's when they've returned to the same relative positions, which is going to happen when they're at round integers in the chart below. As you can see, the less difference between the orbital periods, the more rarely they both line up. In the real world, Mars has an orbital period of about 1.88, and we can get an optimal transfer about every 25 months. A Neptunian year is 165 of ours, so you can basically go every year and change (without gravity assist shenanigans). EDIT: If I'd been smart, I'd have compared this all to the hands of an analog clock. It takes longer than one hour for the minute hand to cross over the hour hand again.
  4. It's KSP, you can try both and see which one you prefer! EDIT: Entirely-Unsuperfluous-J's answer is the more comprehensive one that my brain would not articulate. I've been enjoying KSP vicariously through your videos. I quit my job of 15 years in January, and I'm HEAVILY caffeinated.
  5. This is why I did trimarans or wide catamarans. Dihedral hydrofoils help as well.
  6. I swear I'm not picking on you, I just click the most recent post on the side, AND you ask good questions. Method 2 doesn't benefit as much from the Oberth Effect. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oberth_effect The simplified version is that it's always more efficient to do your burns lower in a gravity well, because your orbit is faster down there, and the faster you're already moving, the more additional kinetic energy you get out of the same amount of delta-v expended. A bigger change in kinetic energy means a bigger change in the resultant orbit (Each orbit represents a constant sum of potential and kinetic energy at any given point.) Kinetic energy equation: K = 0.5 * Mass * Velocity^2 If you're already moving 2.0 km/s you have 2.0*Mass km/s of kinetic energy. Add a 1.0km/s burn to that and you have 4.5*Mass km/s. The difference is 2.5*Mass km/s If you start at 3.0 km/s, you have 4.5*Mass km/s. Add 1.0km/s again, and you have 8.0*Mass km/s. Difference of 3.5*Mass km/s for the same amount of delta-V expended. There's a longer, more comprehensive explanation, but that's the short version. Also, the mass of the spacecraft is irrelevant here, but I left it in for completeness.
  7. @sevenperforceSome further items for consideration: How much heat is the expansion of the breathing air from the tanks absorbing? How much gets dumped by venting the CO2? (I'm assuming this is open-cycle.) How much gets dumped by venting the humidity produced by the body? (Also assuming this is open-cycle.) From professional experience, I would assume 2-3L of water consumption over an 8 hour shift at comfortable temperatures. Push that to 4-6L at higher temperatures (35-40C) and exertions. (I wonder how they deal with salt build-up in the suit? At those volumes, a cotton t-shirt will stand on its own just from salt-encrustation.)
  8. It would be more efficient if we just took all the blood out of soldiers ahead of time and skipped the wars.
  9. I think you're going to have to support this request with some argumentation. Personally, I'm against social media interoperability for privacy reasons. To the extent that I never link them, never use the same ID or speaking style on any two different platforms, and avoid making purchases with funds that have my real name attached to them.
  10. When I looked into it a few years ago, my understanding was that it was disinformation proposed by the multinational oil companies to get people to ignore Peak Oil, so that they could take advantage of the inevitable economic crisis that would arise by not preparing to transition to different energy sources.
  11. http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/multistage.php OK, it's a good link but a high bar. On those rare occasions I used rockets, I usually used full throttle SRBs around an underpowered core stage. Light all on launch. Drop SRBs and use core to get just short of circularization. Finished the circularization with the upper (high vac ISP) stage. Upper stage would do the transfer burn to destination, and maybe the braking around the target.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_rubber https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakes_of_Titan
  13. In KSP 1, control surfaces flip direction when the rotation axis of the part changes between ahead of and behind the COM. That said, you really don't want those wing surfaces to respond to pitch inputs. Since there's not much lever arm that close to the COM, they're not doing much other than acting as airbrakes. I've done enough fighter competitions to know that it will give you slightly better turn performance at the cost of a lot of speed.
  14. To be fair, 0.23.5 remains one of the best versions of KSP. There's very little you can do in 1.12.x that wasn't already done better by mods in 0.23.
  15. Thanks for all the hard work you folks are putting in lately. I'm sure it's been tiring, but it's probably worth it. (Yeesh, I can't believe I've just praised moderators, I need to go take a shower or something.)
  16. Oh sorry, I thought it was in the name list in the program. I figured it made a good ancillary bug report, because there's no way a corporation would want to let that continue. For a pretentious kerbal, it's hilarious--Space is up after all! Unfortunately humans play this game, and I've seen Jatwaa have to gracefully handle some extraordinarily nasty comments. (I also had occasion to learn that he's as fantastic a guy off-camera as he is on.)
  17. Well, that name is a bit awkward... Do you think there's a Cracker Kerman in the list for parity's sake?
  18. Sounds like things are coming together. Great comms today. Best of luck, you guys.
  19. I binge-watched all of these last night. Really great work, thank you.
  20. Thanks for the excellent report! Did you figure out Alt-PrtScrn? (just that window)
  21. We've all built this in KSP and we're lying if we haven't.
  22. And people told me complaining about surprise Nyan Cats was petty...
  23. I just managed to catch the beginning. Shame about stage 2, but that dogleg was nuts! They'll get it next time.
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