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  1. Alright, I see. I guess the investigation on the ground is still on going. Then would the current ISS crew eventually return to Earth aboard that hole-y spacecraft? The hole's not in the crew module so perhaps they can take the risk that the patch holds on the way down.
  2. I caught a short behind the scenes feature of this film on "Hollywood On Set," and an inconsequential observation popped into my head. La La Land had been showing earlier that night and it looked to me like Ryan Gosling's slightly lazy eye was corrected in post for that film, but maybe they didn't do it for First Man. I have never watched the former film in full, but has anyone else caught that?
  3. Speaking of the hole on the ISS, was there any more breaking news of that? I fell out of the loop after just checking out Scott Manley's videos on that issue.
  4. My kid brother used to bug me to let him countdown to launch and activate the first stage, and when I finally give in and let him he would mash the space bar several times and turn my rocket into a fireball. We'd both get a laugh out of it actually, then I throw him out of my room (not literally) and revert the launch. I'd like to though. Back before I discovered Kerbal Engineer I looked up engine characteristics on the wiki, but calculating delta-V was beyond me and my Casio at the time. I was able however to estimate burn time using the fuel consumption rate displayed on the resources pane.
  5. Does this mean I can't do a partial install of parts? I'm planning to put off my 1.2 update for a couple of weeks and in the meantime I was planning on messing around with the floaties from this mod as deployable dinghies for my coastal rescue vehicles. Sorry if I derail the discussion.
  6. Greetings! This mod has worked great in flying my rescue choppers, but does anyone know which engine thrust mode is best for a pair of ship turbines? Would "Maneuever," be an optimal setting? I'm making use of parts from the Maritime Pack, btw.
  7. Just installed this and it's working great so far. I noticed something a little spotty though, as when following Kerbals try to keep up with the leader they seem to teleport forward on their path? It happens occasionally when I'm just walking and they lag behind a bit, but if the lead Kerbal goes into a run then the follower will still continue the walking animation and shift forward suddenly every other stride. Is this a point for improvement that you've already noted?
  8. Sorry to break it to you, but I just personally can't see the Hercules plane parts as flight-worthy. I will definitely be building a Huey thought, with KRX rotors and a KAS winch to deploy the RHIB from the air. Good mod, I like the orange, and I hope to see this updated with improvements.
  9. Greetings! Got a question before I install this: is it possible to do a partial installation of the bases? Let's say I only want the sea-side launchpad; could I install just that asset and leave out the rest, will the mod still work provided I have the right program files? (including Konstructs)
  10. Here, from a mission to the Mun some two years ago. The original caption reads:
  11. If the moons of Jupiter were named after the mistresses of Jupiter Zeus in classical mythology, then it's safe to say that the moons of Jool are the hapless mortals that were lusted after by your analogue deity.
  12. Is a "roller," any different from a "rover?" Just curious about your terminology here, as when I opened the thread I must have been thinking about "crawlers," that transport launch vehicles around.
  13. Do you have any tips for the descent? Like how much should I pitch my nose down? or is gliding better than keeping my engine at half-thrust all the way down? I find that I often lose patience as I slowly descend, especially if I feel I'm going to miss my target, and so I increase my (negative) vertical velocity by nosing down. When the time comes around to decrease my velocity, I can't pitch back up enough to do so, land on my front wheel and then blow up. I'm currently re-learning how to land, given the new aero model and the fact that I haven't flown a KSP plane in months. Well, I never was very good at sticking my landings back then either, runway or not.
  14. I was trying to cheer up my friends.
  15. This is great! Any hope for an update version of the PDF file?