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  1. As seen from space, There are currently no released screenshots or videos showing clouds from within the atmosphere. Last I heard, the devs where still undecided on whether Kerbin will have clouds. That was a few months ago, but we haven't gotten any new information since then.
  2. The entire Kerbol system is in and the same as KSP 1, though the planets have all had some visual overhauls to look better. On top of that there are "Multiple" other star systems with many new planets, but only a few have had their names confirmed.
  3. The rumored Delay says Fiscal Year 2021, which starts on April 1st of the 2020 Calendar year, So it could very well still be Spring 2020.
  4. I already got plenty of other games releasing in 2020 that will be taking up my time, Don't even know how I'll manage to get them all in. I can wait.
  5. KSP's limitations come from the game code, not the Engine code. KSP started life as a side project by 1 guy at a marketing company. KSP 2 is being developed from scratch by a team of experienced game developers. It is being rebuilt from scratch in order to get around the limitations that are built too deeply into KSP1's core game code to be fixed at this point.
  6. According to the devs, KSP2 will be even more moddable then KSP1.
  7. Squad will continue with KSP for a while. KSP 2 is being developed by a different Studio.
  8. Unity is getting Raytracing and RTX support later this year, so DXR could possibly be implemented to KSP2 at some point.
  9. Escape from Tarkov is a Unity game, and it looked pretty good for a game released in 2016.
  10. Shutter speed is still a thing in Video recording. Longer Shutter speeds creates more motion blur in the video.
  11. Motion blur in films isn't used to hide a poorly made scene, it is an artifact of Shutter speed, and if anything is necessary in Film as most movies still run at 24 FPS. Everything you listed can (and should in all games) be options in the graphic settings. Many of these graphical options are things that some people may want in the game for making cinematic videos.
  12. No, The GAME code is not the same as the Engine code, It was KSP's original core Game Coding that was limiting it, not the Engine. Also take note that KSP is currently running on an older version of Unity while KSP 2 will be on the Latest version, and thus has better native support for Engine features added after KSP1 began development.
  13. You don't know much about how Game Engine work, do you? There is nothing wrong with KSP 2 still using Unity. Unity is a good engine and will likely work out great. KSP1 had a lot of issues with the core code of the game limiting it's own capabilities. Likely a side effect of the game starting out life as a side project by one man when Squad was a Marketing company, not a game dev company. KSP 2's code is being rewritten from scratch to overcomes KSP's inherent limitations and push Unity much further then what the Original game could.
  14. Move to Washington, get a job as a QA tester.
  15. KSP 2 is an entirely different project being developed by a different development team, KSP1 will still be supported and updated by Squad. The existence of KSP2 does not mean no more KSP1 DLCs, KSP2 was already well into development when the Breaking Ground DLC released.