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  1. Nasted Kerman - TOD Y4, D171, 05:02:29 Engine on lander was destroyed upon touchdown on Duna. A rescue mission was launched, but the second lander touched down almost 20 km away. Nasted bravely attempted to use her EVA pack to traverse the distance, but ran out of fuel and crashed into the sand.
  2. -Social navigation -Customer support -My LG G4 -Entropy -Snoring -Civics class -Procrastination -That my birthday and Christmas are so close together -That learning Russian is harder than I thought (It's a requirement to be an astronaut, I think, which is what I want to be) -People who don't care for authority or education -Politics -My alarm -Writer's block -When the robot your team has spent six weeks building keeps dropping the gear on the way to the airship (Any other FIRST Robotics participants out there?) -People who don't give me an honest answer because they don't want to offend me -When I stay up till 11:32 doing stuff when I really should be sleeping
  3. Percussive Maintenance.
  4. The village was quiet. Night had fallen, and all of the villagers were settling in for the night. One could occasionally spot a passing zombie or skeleton, but they paid no attention to the villagers. The only sounds were of the farm animals scattered throughout the village, wandering aimlessly. Stark mountain peaks rose above the horizon, obscuring the risen full moon. At the stroke of midnight, an unearthly sound made itself clearly known. It was accompanied by a bright surge of violet light streaming from a presently-materializing 5x4 rectangle of pure obsidian. The silhouette of a figure appeared in the midst of the purplish glow. It stumbled out and immediately collapsed in front of a growing crowd of confused and fearful villagers. "Chicken. Give him chicken," someone said. This was quickly done, and the strange visitor rose to his feet. "Greetings," he said. "My name is Steve."
  5. I enjoy flying my quadcopter and am a member of my high school's FIRST Robotics team. I also play the piano.
  6. I didn't really know what to make for the Fan Works section for a long time, until: I got right to work, and came up with an intern's idea about a NERVA. (Hopefully it's not annoying to read; Kerbals are not exactly known for their grammar.)
  7. It's finals week at my school. It actually isn't as bad as I had predicted. How did this occur?
  8. ¿Usted está usando el DarkMultiPlayer?
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