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  1. Great Job! Your Open Cockpit got mandatory for my first manned airplanes. fuel/mesh switcher would be a very nice addition indeed, though janitors closet helps a lot @theonegalen you did a great job at aeropart integration for UnKerballedStart. Any chance you pick up this?
  2. while porting my modded ksp to 1.7 i noticed some exceptions with KJR/L brought it down to KAS @IgorZ and KPBS @Nils277 log files kpbs log files kas maybe this helps a bit.
  3. @theonegalen MM Warning [WRN 2019-03-01 00:03:22.277] more than one :NEEDS tag detected, ignoring all but the first: Galen/WarbirdCockpits/Spaces/Kerbonov/ASET-Kerbonov/@PART[KN7Cabin]:NEEDS[ASETPropsIdentifier]:NEEDS[Kerbonov]:FOR[WarbirdCockpits]
  4. hey @linuxgurugamer i tried the now im able to build pods and other big stuff, dont know if this is intentional! never seen anything big in the older versions
  5. hey @allista i found some minor issues in your part patches
  6. sorry, i'm new to the dark side of mods... always been a user... now trying to help a bit actually there are two isssues. the first is with KSP 1.6.1, OSE Workshop 1.2.7 and KIS 1.16 clicking start printer spams errors output_log.txt second with same setup but KIS 1.17 output_log.txt
  7. hey @linuxgurugamer using workshop and recycler works fine now though im getting an error when activating the 3d printer with KIS 1.17 the workshop doesn't load properly - ksp.log thx for your work
  8. Hey, many thanks for your effort! i'm about to set up my 1.6 for a new career... got it working with a few many mods. thought i give GPP_Secondary a try... working! after a little bit of testing i noticed that solar panels don't produce energy while around Ciro! - checking the forum i found out why is it planned or in work to get Solarpower working with Kerbalism in a Multi Star System? ooor am i stupid and it is just a option i missed?
  9. for me it was the "Auto update" option from Trajectories MOD @ferram4 One thing about the "CustomFAR*.cfg" files, they get updated on every scene change without changes in FAR settings... that forces MM to reload the cache. gives me +40% loading time is it possible to change this so they get only updated when changes are made? or did i miss something? anyway FAR is one of the MOST AWESOME MODS FOR KSP
  10. i did this the other way... thought the new tooltip was bugged, realized then i didnt pressed accept in the settings tab... twice better rename to eLDumb
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