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  1. So, i just updated this plugin from older version, and noticed a new parameter: min_size. Neat! Now, how does it work? Is it applied before SCALE parameter, to determine if scaling is needed?
  2. Can i have working thrust on nearby (<2.5km) ships?
  3. Hmm, can i update my 0.16 version with "ZodiusInfuser's Reworked Models" parts to current 0.19.2 version?
  4. Did anyone noticed connection loss, when ship separates into two parts and then one of them goes away for more than 3km? Or is it just me. Reswitching vessels helps, but still p.s. awesome mod!
  5. Is there a way to close cargo bay while constructing vessel?
  6. In order to collect stuff from atmosphere with scoop, do i need some containers for that?
  7. Once mach number reaches 1, my plane's nose starts to slowly point down, regardless of my input. What can i do about this? Everything seems to be normal, right? right?