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  1. Well .. this rise quite a lot of questions about already planed DLC packs... .... Developers please dont make it like "In game shop" with planets pack or interstellar travel mechanism.....
  2. System requirements would be nice so we can adapt ... new PC didnt build themselves overnight .. (not at this time)
  3. It is nice. I feel sad that there is too much accidents in trailer .. but ok .. that was the theme all time .. I'm just not that much happy as I thought I will be... actually last info from squad about re texturing planets make me happy much more .. but everything needs to end or evolve .. so i ques this is evolution for KSP I remember words like: I start play it for explosions and keep it playing for science and exploration. Trailer seems to capture both ... like Orion nuclear engine and other stuff they showed in vanilla game? It seems like they making KSP we always
  4. So new DLC - "Breaking ground" without without anything new about surface exploration? like turning rubber colorfull ballon into actual surface? Eh ... i love the game .. but i realy miss planet exploration. ... and about DLC ? well almost everything i saw in mods so far ... shame to call it DLC, while they integrated so many mods into game already.. I will buy it, even i dont like it ... and hope for better planet surface in future...
  5. The Secret Lie of Walter Mitty SPOILERS ! sorry guys The Tag Brother Second movie of "The Tag Brothers" There is only one of the friends alive and he cant tag anyone. Jurassic Ark Movie about ship full of dinosaurs. Ghost in the Hell Movie about robots afterlife.
  6. How I build Kerbal space Controler without programming skill. byREMD Well, all started when I saw these cool looking, custom, Kerbal controllers. I want one of these, I said myself and opened the first book about Arduino programming..... and close it a few minutes after... I don't want to say Arduino is bad .... it is amazing and I will do my next controller with it. (I'm actually already working on it.) But back then, I wanted to start working on controller soon as possible, so I went a different way. By that time I moved into "large city" with my girl and there was one p
  7. That can be cool :). But EVA RCS only for pilots is little bit not suitable for this game.... On the other hand rescue missions could be much more fun. And rover suddenly make sense. Yeah... i take it back :D Take RCS ability from kerbals can be much more fun and chalenge.
  8. Yeah .. " It's not a bug, it's a feature."
  9. I found same problem, but with quick fix. I was missing Contract Configurator, since i lost it due moving other mod´s and creating different mod list
  10. Hi all. May i ask, if this planet pack is compatible with ResearchBodies mod ? Thanks
  11. its getting also a lots updates lately ... I didnt play it more than 10 minutes, but i want to see where it is heading. It is actualy promising for mobile game.
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