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  1. I wanted to see what weird things the community has made! I have built many "things" my favorite thing is my sepera-missile: In the air firing What have you made?
  2. I add so many mods i end up breaking the game. when i test what mod did it I get frustrated and delete everything. I have only gotten to eve twice. Once because of a pilot "error" (i forgot about gravity) and ended up stuck. in the middle of the ocean. i mean DIRECT center. i never quicksave. nor do i load autosaves. I feel remorse for killing kerbals. Then i proceed to make them "bungie jump"
  3. I loaded up the game and I was greeted with this: I then looked at the other menu, KERBAL INVASION! I am obviously using texture replacer, but that is it kerbal-wise. Is this a bug? or maybe (HIGHLY DOUBTFUL) an easter egg?
  4. i have vessel view, final frontier, smokescreen, scansat, JSI, hotrockets, coolrockets, Kethane, hyperedit, FASA, toolbar.
  5. i checked, and all of my mods are up to date, same crashes.