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  1. Love it! A few questions (sorry I am catching up) 1. I assume they can be landed for a land station and not just a space station. 2. any known major bugs with other mods or with game itself?
  2. sesame street is on board for orion count down. Are the kerbals too? http://article.wn.com/view/2014/11/28/Sesame_Street_Muppets_counting_down_to_NASA_Orion_launch/
  3. THANKS GUYS! Understanding GEO solved my problems and made my life so much easier Clearly Bar Kerman as mission control should have been spending more time reading manuals rather than eating snacks
  4. Am I to understand from both The_Rocketeer and cantab, that if I get my sats in a Geostationary orbit that this will provide me with much progress toward stablity
  5. can you rephrase what you are saying in bold. I think I understand but not completely sure
  6. I have 4 sats in a 2,500km equatorial orbit and 1 sat in polar orbit. The network is working but its unstable and uneven. I have MechJeb and actually in this case prefer to use it however I haven't been able to successfully fine tune my orbits and distances between sats very well at all manually or with MechJeb. So I am looking for a tutorial to get those fine tuned with MechJeb and/or a tutorial on how to simply be a fantastic pilot able to land craft on a dime. Thanks
  7. I have a 4 sat network at 2,500km orbit with 1 sat on the north pole orbit (5 sats total) The network is fairly stable but I can see that it will not be for much longer. Where I am having a devil of a time is getting the near perfect orbits actually perfectly inline as well as a stable distance from each other. I am using MechJeb because when it comes to this accurate of orbits I need all the help I can get however it appears (although not certain) that mechjeb doesn't work well when orbits are nearly perfect already and the adjustments are small and/or simply using remotetech. Regardless of the reasons my mechjeb is horrifically unreliable for these corrections (or I am unclear how to use the tool). I have looked for videos but nothing that gets specific in these areas.
  8. wait...what? we are not in beta already? wow... This is the best game that has stayed in early access...ever..
  9. I love the idea. I also see no reason for time warps to default to zero when time to node is 5 mins
  10. use GTA SA for the truck route could be funny to the overall kerbal story...lol
  11. They need wheat on Eeloo. Using a Farm Simulator to grow and harvest the wheat. Use a Truck Simulator to truck it to the shipping doc Use a Ship Simulator to ship it to KSP Command Use a flight sim to get your kerbals to KSP Command Fly the wheat to Eeloo using Kerbal Space Program Use a large scale space sim to get the wheat to other solar systems sounds pretty easy..
  12. Tux

    Parts Manual

    What I was thinking of doing is creating a mission manifest. Once I have rockets prooven then have specs of each of the ships/rockets, price and 'to dos', then I will send it to congress knowing me I will actually do none of that.
  13. The way JJ Abrams knew nothing whatsoever about Khan's lore seemingly didnt even watch the Wrath of Khan to know about Botney Bay. No wait...how the enterprise went from high earth orbit to directly down. - - - Updated - - - The way JJ Abrams knew nothing whatsoever about Khan's lore seemingly didnt even watch the Wrath of Kahan to know about Bontey Bay. No wait...how the enterprise went from high earth orbit to directly down.
  14. Tux

    KSP University

    A review of Delta V and the DeltaV map has made my eye stop twitching. I was having trouble with trial and error getting the ideal amount of fuel to take outside of kerbin system and it was stressing me out, that and my com network that overtime breaks http://deltavmap.com/
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