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  1. I edit CFG file in real chute folder an seems work now, but i will look. By the way is the possible make new subcategory for chutes?
  2. I got same problem, so what file i need to edit to fix it?
  3. Save 6 with ship on orbit, before fall to atmosphere. P.S. Today i can't repeat this bug, after today re instal of trajectories today
  4. I got strange bug. I have ship on orbit. I click to turn on trajectories and game crush. I reproduce that bug twice. If need i can put output log and error log.
  5. Creator choice, i know how it's is. Same when i making song, only i decide where to post them
  6. That's true, but it's like linux without good pocketmanager, you may make all crush. also CKAN helps keep mods on date.
  7. It's bug that when you make orbit from suborbital flight, perigees has no minus before numbers?
  8. How i can see what Appogesis and perigesis i will get after maneuver? Because in Precise node it's was hided by default, but can be shown