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  1. 6 Crew Science Lab has been out for years Crew Science Lab
  2. Ha, yes I put all the mods I make under KSC directory. Oh, I didn't realize the backup files where included. the dot in front means they are hidden files on linux.
  3. If squad ever does decided to get ride of the old parts, hopefully they will only remove the config files and not the models so the mod can still access them.
  4. It takes advantage of the games variant mechanic. Yes, it could be used to add Porkjets old parts as variants, I guess I'll get to that next.
  5. Legacy Variants adds back the old fuel tanks as variant parts, I've also added the Mk1-2 pod as a variant of the M1-3 pod. I'm planning to add decouplers in later releases. Download here Variants MIT license
  6. I've made an alternate texture for a part that has a flag. The texture change works but the flag is messed up, it has the part texture. If you select a flag it displays correctly until change the texture. Even if you reapply the texture it is messed up again when you launch. I am trying to get the game to reselect the current flag automatically after the texture is changed, hopefully it will also work after loading for launch. How do we know what the module objects are called for writing a plugin? The Part module is accessible as part, what is FlagDecal accessible as?
  7. It's flying well now, at first it had to much drag but I've sorted that out, still needs balancing. The control surfaces are working somewhat, docking doors and cargo doors work, landing gear only uses the animation, and one air brake animation is setup. I can get the others going but they would all act as one. I'm not interested in reinventing the wheel. I don't want to write code for something where stock modules already exist. If someone would like to help out and make the air brake, rudder and landing gear separate parts then I'll write up the configs and just have to balance everything and write code for simulating differential thrust and get the radiators in the cargo doors working.
  8. There is still a lot of work to do, I would like the rudders, landing gear and air brakes to be separate parts, it would make the work much easier using stock KSP modules. Also it would stop this thing from being held above the water by the rudders.
  9. A Kerbal’s Tale One cold night, I carried with me a telescope to the middle of a field and pointed it to the stars. While aiming at what I believed to be some particularly bright stars, I discovered the planets. I could see the ice caps of Duna, the striped cloud tops of Jool and the remarkable rings of Sarnus. No longer were these planets relegated to the pages of a book. They had become real places in the night sky, worlds to which we might one day travel. In the early days of the space program, mistakes and oversights were commonplace. Parachutes would deploy just as solid rocket booster ignited, command pods would decouple prematurely, leaving some stranded in orbit until a rescue craft could be deployed. I myself was victim to an incorrectly staged decoupler. Fortunately I had plenty of snacks and a copy of, “Astrodynamics and Whatnot” by Bob Kerman. Once Command appointed Bill Kerman as lead engineer, most problems were quickly straightened out. Shortly after my rescue, Jebediah Kerman became the first Kerbal to set foot upon Mün, while Valentina Kerman orbited above. Although Jeb somehow set the lander down on it’s side, he was later able to right the craft and successfully make the rendezvous with Val for their return journey home. The next world in our sights was Duna. Imagine my surprise when I was selected to be part of the crew on the first manned Duna mission. Our ship, the Kermies, has performed exemplary over the last 300 days of this voyage. Presently we’re strapped into the landing craft, in a few moments we’ll begin descent to the planet below, and then several minutes after that, I will become one of the first to set foot on this new world.
  10. Yes, the shuttle keeps exploding on reentry. I really like these shuttles, I was just wondering if you guys would do this cockpit that will fit the Mk3 parts?
  11. It should show you what your trajectory will be if you opened your parachutes at that point.