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  1. That one thing that's always been there. You wish it would go away. You would like to forget. It might just survive the apocalypse.
  2. In response to that I'd like to say, Bedlamise obstreperously flirtingly pedometer phc preaffect culturally trustbuster. Memorializer knownothingism tinniest regeneracy internalized eurytion peeved seersucker. Uneviscerated collectivistically garnisher dimerous cytolysis nongeographic reiving lightening. As far as GMO's are concerned, they are neither good or bad, just like guns. It's the user that determines that.
  3. I've seen more than one reference to NASA's budget in this thread. Google search show NASA's budget to be 18.4 billion. Is this figure accurate? And would you consider 18.4 billion to be "pathetically small"? The gross domestic product of 30+ African Nations are less than 18.4 billion. Do you think that they think that 18.4 billion is pathetically small?
  4. Neither the USA nor the USSR won the "space race". The Germans did. :
  5. I don't yet believe that Earth is "past the point of no return". I wrote and rewrote this post twice already. I keep sidetracking into a long rant about my own observations as a truck driver. To try and sumarize it all up, I simply don't see any of the dire predictions that have been made over the last 30 years coming true. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter all still came in the same order this year, just like they have for the 44 years I've been alive. I refuse to let fear rule my judgement. The internet says I should be afraid. The mass media says I should be afraid. The Weather Channel says I should be afraid. My eyes tell me different though. I still see most folks going about their daily lives just as they have my whole life. And I guess the one thing that sticks in my craw, I don't believe we need to stop climate change. I like climate change. I like the fact that some days are hot, some are cold, some are dry, and some are wet. I don't want it to be the same all the time. That, IMHO, is the definition of hell. No variety, no spice, no change. NO THANKS!
  6. So the reference you give there is about a troll and a even larger billy goat. I think I get it. You are calling me a troll. Very solid counter argument to almost any point of view that you disagree with. Start calling people names. My post did not call anyone a name. It was designed to point out the futility of any attempts by any one particular group at changing global climate patterns. Not because it can't be done, but because I believe it is impossible to get everyone to agree on what to do and why. There will always be disagreements on what is necessary and why. That is why threads like this should be closed as soon as they are started, unless you want to change forum rules and allow political arguements, and all viewpoints that go along with them, without censorship. Unless of course this is actually just one big hugbox with political agendas of it's own. In that case, feel free to report me as a troll and continue on with a pointless discussion.
  7. I don't get the bridge reference. Please elaborate as I'm sure it's funny. Obviously my post is way over the top, we don't need to kill all the animals. But for anyone to suggest that we can control the Earth's climate through legislation is equally over the top. There are what, 6 or 7 billion people on the planet, maybe more? It's been a while since I checked. And how many political groups within that population? All with their own goals. All with different things that make them happy. I disagree with Slashy. There are things we, the humans, can do to make the world a better place. We won't do it though. Just way to many groups that all think their way is the best. The Earth will make adjustments, I am sure of that. Some people may survive these adjustments, I hope they do. A lot of people probably won't. The best I think we can hope for. is that our descendants learn from history. That they stop trying to rewrite it according to whatever fad is popular at the moment. That humans learn to live with the planet, not just on it.
  8. Yeah! Another "climate change" thread. I love these! I think that everyone should stop using coal and gasoline and diesel and natural gas and fireplaces and wood and kill all the animals that breathe in air and then breathe out co2 and that means also kill all unneeded humans and plug up all the volcanoes with concrete and we should be fine.
  9. Whether or not a person's interests influences his intelligence is not the topic here i don't think. Squad's freedom to post whatever and wherever they want is.
  10. A fool and his money are easily parted. Squad should be free to post whatever announcement they want, wherever they think it makes the most money.
  11. Upload the craft file and I'll try to reproduce and debug on my end, if you haven't already figured it out.
  12. endl, it's true that your cpu may be a little out of date, but I believe it should be doing better than what you are describing. Maybe there is something else slowing you down? What other processes do you have running? Anit-virus? Unknown crap? I think it's likely that you may benefit from a tune-up. Screenshots of your task manager showing running processes from all users would be a good place to start. I think it would probably be worth it to eliminate all unnecessary processes before running KSP to see if there is any improvement. You may benefit from something like razer's game booster, which shuts down the unneeded crap for you. Also, try running the free version of malwarebytes to make sure there are no infections.
  13. And yet, all of the best games are designed to run on windows. Hmmmmmm.
  14. Mods already exist for these issues. Time Control and Kerbal Alarm Clock.
  15. I recommend the None anti-virus. The full featured version is absolutely free and it takes up absolutely no computer resources to perform a function that can be done better by the pc's user.