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  1. Lord_Chappington

    [1.5] Rocket Emporium 1.8.3 (2018-12-17)

    I like the sound of that! Maybe you could put the lil sphere inside the big sphere to protect it on re-entry :p Russian stacking doll probes
  2. Lord_Chappington

    [1.5] Rocket Emporium 1.8.3 (2018-12-17)

  3. Lord_Chappington

    [1.5] Rocket Emporium 1.8.3 (2018-12-17)

    Cute little part pack. I'm thinking that sphere would make a nice little zeenit satellite
  4. Lord_Chappington

    BFR by Alcentar V1.2

    Such a big beautiful boooooy! Time to colonize Duna.
  5. Hey dunno if you had any plans for it but I've been scouring the forums for a cargo door nose cone to fit your 2.5m parts and turned a blank. I don't wanna be all pushy and stuff but it feels like something that could fit in well with this mod (something like this)
  6. Lord_Chappington

    [1.0.4] SciFi Shipyards [Discontinued]

    Managed to find this mod on curseforge and it seems to work just fine. I mainly downloaded it for the Phoenix but it works fine, song and all https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/scifi-shipyards-v3-1
  7. Lord_Chappington

    [0.25] Lionhead Aerospace Inc. - Icarus v0.4 updated

    Good luck Think you might need it.... that and a looooot of duct tape
  8. Lord_Chappington

    Search And Rescue

    Installed this mod a few minutes ago and already having fun
  9. Lord_Chappington

    Orion aka "Ol' Boom-boom"

    For some reason only the engine with the frame attachment works for me? I cant get the other engine to function with any combination of bombs
  10. Lord_Chappington

    [0.90.0] NanoKube - Ultra-tiny probes!

    Looks pretty cool might try and launch on into orbit on a sounding rocket
  11. Any chance of the nodes being fixed because ATM saying it's hard to build is an understatement
  12. Pretty sure that's a KW rocketry pack strut
  13. Pretty sure only the original R7's were khaki because of the whole being an intercontinental ballistic missile while modern ones do have a variety of colours
  14. Lord_Chappington

    Space Factory

    Any updates on anything? Haven't heard anything in a while...