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  1. I love this so much. It's so delightfully kerbal. It will definitely feel more "stock-alike" than TACLS while still providing the extra challenge of maintaining supply lines or getting/producing supplies in-situ. I'm so excited! As always, Roverdude, you're the best.
  2. The imgur slideshow on the original post shows this mod working on the Mun (where it would adjust for rotation but, obviously, not atmospheric drag). In practice, I can't get that to happen. The mod just doesn't do anything at all when I'm orbiting a body without an atmosphere. Was this feature removed, or am I missing some toggle I don't know about?
  3. Thanks! I don't know how I missed that bit in the installation instructions.
  4. Having a slight issue I'm not sure how to fix or diagnose. For whatever reason, the oxygen wedge is showing up for me containing monoprop. I do have the latest version of TACLS installed. Picture: I thought to go fix it directly, thinking it was just an accident or something, so I started digging through the US_1R340_Wedge_Oxygen part.cfg, and it's...as far as I can tell, correct. Ctrl F turns up nothing for "mono". I'm guessing this means that there's some ModuleManager patch thingy overwriting it somewhere, but I have no idea where or why or how I'd find it and fix it. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated
  5. Seconding this request. I've always wanted a sort of "Mobile Processing Lab Lite" thing that can clean experiments and store an infinite number of them like the MPL but can't analyze data for better transmission returns (a feature I never use).
  6. You can try it, by using this in conjunction with other mods. I can't imagine Karbonite would actually require you to be in an atmospheric-passthrough-orbit. And I can't imagine that Karbonite would be incompatible with, say, HooliganLabs. So you could use the blimp parts to create an aerostatic platform permanently hanging out mining Karbonite from Jool.
  7. Oh. That makes sense, I guess, but would the "less straightforward" way of having only a single button to "extract local resources" really constitute a whole re-write? That seems odd to me.
  8. The only problem is you end up with very cluttered screens due to the way the part module works... or we are down to a whole rewrite. Wait, what? Why would that clutter the screen?
  9. Thanks for the info, Snjo. So from what I'm understanding here, there is no way to allow another mod to dynamically place structures at run-time, and even if there were, those structures cannot be save-specific, they have to be install-specific. Is that right? What I'd like to do is create a mod that allows players to dynamically place certain structures when certain conditions are met, and give those structures behaviors or persistent values. Will KerbTown be of no help to me?
  10. Is there more up-to-date documentation than the manual in the original post? I don't think it's been updated since the plugin was first made. For example, it says "1. Extract the KerbTown archives (KerbTownPlugin.zip / KerbTownContent.zip) into your KSP directory. That’s where KSP.exe resides. That’s it, now you’ve installed KerbTown. :)" But this is not correct, and hasn't been for a long time. The plugin needs to be extracted to the GameData directory, not the KSP directory. It also seems rather lacking, unless there really is nothing else to it. It's a modder's resource, but I don't see how modders are supposed to use it unless you force players to manually place the static assets (which I *know* isn't true, the mods that use KerbTown work out of the box, but I don't see where that's documented). Is there any kind of API for plugins to interact with KerbTown dynamically?
  11. I quite like the idea of Karbonite, but until Modular Kolonization System and/or Extraplantery Launchpads support it, I'm gonna stick with Kethane. I desperately hope we get a .24.2 patch soon.
  12. Hello! I tried making a simple experimental station today for the first time just to try out the mod, and I can't get it working. I have a science lab and two plant growth modules, and plenty of power, and four kerbals, but it won't properly start experiments. I created an album showing the problem, which you can see here: http://imgur.com/a/LbIEB Any suggestions? Is there something obvious wrong? Did I break it? I've upgraded to .24.1, so could that be the issue?
  13. Please read at least two pages of the discussion before posting. You're at least the fourth person to report this.