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  1. I'll check the science transmission problems this weekend.
  2. hmm do you use KSP 1.0.5 ? RT v1.6.9 can only be used for ksp 1.0.5
  3. Update is ready, have fun General KSP 1.0.5 update Small kOS update for invoking events (thx to tomekpiotrowski)
  4. I'll update today for KSP 1.0.5 Look here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/83305-1-0-4-RemoteTech-v1-6-8-2015-09-12?p=1663563&viewfull=1#post1663563
  5. Hey guys, sorry that i'm so rar here on this forum but i'm working hard for the next update v1.7.0 and unfortunately i've to say that i can't hold the specified date 31 Oct 2015 for release :/ The last task "Flightcomputer overhaul" takes more time than i thought. On the bottom of this post i'll add some pictures of the current flightcomputer, Feedback is appreciated!! I hope the new flightcomputer design is more clear and easy to use. To keep you on track, here is the current change log (dirty version) for v1.7.0. If you want you can use the latest DEV build of v1.7 to try things out (backup your save). # General The RemoteTech_Settings.cfg will now be saved under the save game folder Added an OptionWindow Added an AppLauncher Button on the SpaceCenter to open the OptionWindow Added disable/enable option for remotetech RemoteTech is now disabled for training missions Remote station dots can now be colored via the settings file (also with the OptionWindow) We replaced the label "Energy req." with "ElectricCharge" for the part info on the editor, to be more stock like Added more colors to the editor part infos (more stock like) Add ManeuverCommands from Node. You can now add more than one maneuver to the flightcomputer directly from the node. Right click the node an click the FC+/FC- Button Merged RemoteTechXF you will find the option to toggle on the Cheat-Tab in the option window Presets added to the Option window The mission control dot on the map view will now be invisible on a defined distance to the camera. See `DistanceToHideGroundStations` on the settings file. This feature can be toggled by the value `HideGroundStationsOnDistance` in the option window. I've added a mouse over info box for each mission control dot on the map view. This feature can be toggled by the value `ShowMouseOverInfoGroundStations` in the option window. The default mission control ground station has now three tech level on a career game for the omni antenna. The ranges are: 4Mm, 30Mm and 75Mm, you can disable this feature via the option window ManeuverCommands and BurnCommands will now insert an alarm into KerbalAlarmClock. ManeuverCommands will now automatically insert a HoldManeuver Command Added a new option to activate/deactivate the auto insert to KerbalAlarmClock # Modders Added a new API Method to check whether RemoteTech is enabled or not `bool IsRemoteTechEnabled()` Added a new API Method to check an individual antenna for connection `bool AntennaHasConnection(Part part)` (thx to tomekpiotrowski) Added a new API Method to get the target from an antenna `Guid GetAntennaTarget(Part part)` (thx to tomekpiotrowski) Added a new API Method to switch the antennas target `void SetAntennaTarget(Part part, Guid id)` (thx to tomekpiotrowski) Added a new API Method to receive all ground stations `IEnumerable<string> GetGroundStations()` (thx to tomekpiotrowski) Added a new API Method to receive a guid from a ground stations name `Guid GetGroundStationGuid(String name)` (thx to tomekpiotrowski) Added a new API Method to get the guid from a celestial body `Guid GetCelestialBodyGuid(CelestialBody celestialBody)` (thx to tomekpiotrowski) Added a new API Method to get the NoTarget guid `Guid GetNoTargetGuid()` (thx to tomekpiotrowski) Added a new API Method to get the ActiveVessel guid `Guid GetActiveVesselGuid()` (thx to tomekpiotrowski) You can now add the value `IsNonRetractable = boolean` to the ModuleRTAntenna section on the part.cfg You can now configure a dish antenna to mission control. All mission control dishes are only pointed to the Active Vessel (thx to jdmj) Ground station antennas can now use the tech level of the tracking station. I've added three new values to the antenna node for a station. Use `UpgradeableOmni`, `UpgradeableDish` and `UpgradeableCosAngle` with a semicolon seperated list of ranges. Example: 4E+06;3.0E+07;7.5E+07 Added a new API Method to create ground stations (thanks to legacynl) # Bugfixes RSS/RO/RP-0 Player will no longer see a required ElectricCharge of 0.00/s for the longAntenna on the editor part info. It's now defined as minutes (~0.09/min) Fixed an issue where the TechPerk is already available only if you've researched the node but without purchasing the TechPerk-Part it self and the editor part info will no longer show the TechPerk right from the beginning # Preview Optionwindow http://i.imgur.com/m5nQTfG.png Optionwindow presets http://i.imgur.com/vRpdAYx.png Toolbarbutton http://i.imgur.com/gd8H7nO.png Mouse over ground stations http://i.imgur.com/u9orY3V.png flightcomputer draft http://i.imgur.com/zvPMbQm.png
  6. or but a satellite with a dish antenna into orbit and connect from the lander/rover/probe via omni to it.
  7. Can you send me your craft (please via pm), i'll try to reproduce this issue with my RO/RP-0 installation.
  8. Hi nablabla, what command do you want to use ? Can you make a screen from your craft (from editor)? Maybe there is a part who is not controlled by RemoteTech, and thats why you can control your craft via w,a,s,d.
  9. Related to this issue: https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/issues/470 ?
  10. Hi BadRocketsCo, what versions of RO (RP-0?) and RT do you use?
  11. Hi BananaDealer, but with your first tech it would not be able to make a controllable mun contract. Yes you can pre-program all for your flyby or mun orbit but this would be really hard. Thats why i think 12Mm is ok. What do you think?
  12. Hi, i've added RT XF to our next feature version v1.7.0. https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/pull/494 thanks @Pharylon
  13. Hi, when the MissonControl antenna would be upgradable with the TrackingStation, what distances would you like to prefer? - Tech Lvl1 = Just behind Mun (~12Mm) - Tech Lvl2 = Just behind Minmus (~47Mm) - Tech Lvl3 = old default value of the Antenna (~75Mm) I like the idea to keep the mission control antenna within kerbins soi, so that you have to build a relay sat to go to other planets. What do you think?
  14. hmm yea, shame on you! Have fun: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcmnv2g3t6fudbs/RemoteTech_XF_v1.6.8.zip?dl=0
  15. Hi chingham, can you also give us some informations about your probecore.
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