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  1. This is causing inconvenience for me as well. I have read the last pages, downloaded the patch, reloaded the game, but still not able to link the connectors. Any suggestions? I have tried KAS 1.2 and 1.3, both with and without the patch, same result. Im using KSP 1.6.1 Logs: output_log KSP.log Edit: i can connect, but not move while in connecting mode... is it supposed to be like this? Its a pain when playing only in first person..
  2. Just confirmed, message says its a unity crash bc something with a windows file. I would guess that type of damage is self inflicted since i swapped hard drives, so ill just let it be
  3. Ram is not the problem, trust me. Tho im running a 8-year old system with a GTX670 card.. probably the reason. No corrupt files, checked all my drives less than 2 weeks ago. The game starts up as usual,no problems. I enter the VAB, after 5-10 mins the game just crashes. No lag or error messages, just crash. I think i remember having similar issues with 1.2.2, the game allways chrashed if entering the VAB before doing anything else. Weird, but it helped
  4. Im having game crash issues when buildning with the provided parts from this mod. Ive checked and double-checked the versions, and everything should be fine. It has worked for about two months since my last edit to Gamedata... For your info, im using KSP 1.6.1 with tantares 16.0 I sure hope its memory issues, but in case not, heres my output_log.
  5. I looked up the verion and downgraded to mod version 1.5.2. It still says "toggle animation", but the animation itself works. updated MM while at it, no idea if this made any difference.
  6. I have an issue... The animated Saturn/Apollo parts does not animate as expected. When i select them from part list, the animation is played, but it "locks" and cant be retracted. I think these parts causes problems with staging as well. Im using game version 1.6.1 with mod version 1.61, all dependencies are correct for everything i have installed. when i press the "Toggle animation" option, nothing happens. can someone please help... I have checked the .log files, but here they are anyway if you can find something i dont MMPatch.log ModuleManager.log Please tell me if you need something else
  7. Sorry for being a complete n00b, but which verion is working with 1.6.1?
  8. I just updated to 1.6.1 and my own suit textures wont show up. Would anyone be able to help me update it? Though i have no experience with normal maps...
  9. So I also have the reentry problem with supersonic speed, but i found a "solution".. Place the smallest stock heatshield on the bottom node, then use the ingame displacement tool to move it into the capsule, out of sight. This solved the issue for me
  10. Is anyone else having the issue where the OMS engines arent showing up in tha VAB or SPH? The ingame parts list shows that the part has been loaded into the game, but i cant seem to find it anywhere? edit: im using KSP 1.2.2 and the latest, compatible versions of the dependencies
  11. What are the different values in the config for the spikes and flare? I'll do some testing to get the ideal picture, as the standrad settings gives me a huge sun
  12. Sorry for asking, but does anyone still have a version of this mod that is compatible with 1.1.2? Im doing a complete remake of the history in manned and unmanned spaceflight, starting with Vostok 1 going all the way to 2017, its been active for almost a year and many of the mods used arent available for 1.2.2
  13. is there a way to reduce the ammount of included ribbons? since i only use about 1/5 of them and i have about 100s of my own, it would be nice to free up some memory
  14. Problem solved, the included BDAnimations caused a conflict with itself