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  1. Thanks. After investigating all references to `HeatShield` with no success, I uninstalled YongeTech Tree and suddenly had a lot more parts (and a few more tree nodes). Apparently that has a different way of configuring how stuff gets added to the tree.
  2. Most of the heat shields are missing in my game (only 0.625m and 5m and expandable ones available). Also no Mk1 pod or large parachute. I see lines like the following in the `UnmannedBeforeManned-TechTree.cfg` file but don't quite understand the syntax; why are these parts not in the tech tree in-game? @PART[mk1pod|HeatShield1|parachuteLarge|radialDrogue|parachuteDrogue]:NEEDS[!CommunityTechTree,!SETIctt,!SETItechtree,!ETT,!OpenTree,!RP-0]:FOR[UnmannedBeforeManned] { @TechRequired = flightControl } @PART[mk1pod|HeatShield1|parachuteLarge|radialDrogue|parachuteDrogue]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTr
  3. Well, I was thinking of Val, and her top secret military stuff... which was several chapters back and I still don't have a clue how it ties in really. But then I realised, yes, this was commercial collaboration... but I still don't get why Wernher took a private jet. Presumably even with the heightened tensions kerbals still travel and there are international airlines?
  4. Use a German keyboard? Linux has various other solutions, but you have to go look for them. Another great chapter, KSK. Great interview and I love having to join the dots a little to follow the story and work out what's going on... like why a female pilot was requesting permission to enter Wakiran airspace.
  5. Ah, thanks for the link. It's a pretty crazy idea though. But much more important for landing on the Mun than Minmus I'd think?
  6. Finally caught up! What is this MLT? Hovering a dynamically unstable craft lifted by engine thrust somewhere with as much gravity as kerbin is nearly impossible... totally asking for trouble (and far harder than doing the same on Minmus, so I really don't see the point of the training exercise). I don't agree with Madrias. If the controls were backwards or the stabilisation was compensating in the wrong direction, Ornie would have crashed in under a second if he didn't realise before taking off. (I fly RC helicopters, so I know what I'm talking about here.)
  7. I tested that version, and while the tech tree loads, it's quite messed up (many items in the wrong nodes and with wrong research costs). I've been waiting for the 1.1.2-compatible release for a few days now, ETT is great
  8. So 1.1.2 is out, great. Where's the patch file to download this update? FYI, downloading a gigabyte file takes several hours on my connection (and short of satellite, it's the best available at my address). And mysteriously the 1.1.2 download is double the size for windows vs any other platform.
  9. I always enjoy good sci-fi. Original stuff about the Kerm... well maybe not quite when compared to Avatar's Eden or whatever it was. Now you've just got to resolve a moral dilemma whose only solution seems to be more violence than the obvious unethical solution (-;
  10. Well, I enjoyed 23.5 up to 0.90. 1.x broke joystick support for me and also it appears performance.
  11. The game needs more polish on things like environmental visuals and reducing the glitchyness of complex craft, as well as improved mod support (memory limit, CKAN, etc.) I am not opposed to paying for KSP2 somewhere down the line, as long as development continues (+ better linux support)
  12. Strongly agree with the environmental enhancements and electric props. Also needed are simple vessel illumination lights and better controls for planes (swap roll and yaw buttons and axes, simple autopilot for wing-levelling and pitch-holding (independently)) as well as fixing the current heading-hold for rockets to actually work! I'm not so sure about adding the hinges/servos at the moment though. Other than folding wheels for rovers they're not needed for most missions, and are quite a big thing to add.
  13. Just use the procedural rockets mod.
  14. Surface grabbers are (mostly) just clutter. But clouds on Kerbin and dust clouds on Duna are essential to making the game look pretty!
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