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  1. Wotano hasn't been on the forums since 11 Feb. I'm worried that this might have been abandoned :-(
  2. Any chance of putting a version number somewhere in the file? Either in a .version file or in the .zip file name would be good. It's difficult to tell whether I have the latest version otherwise. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the answer to this. Saved my career save. You're a star!
  4. Don't know if this is still in development, but if it is can I make a feature request. I really don't need the crew reminder when I click Launch, if the Crew window is actually open at the time. Any way of checking to see which window is open before asking if I've checked my crew?
  5. Assuming you have version 5.2.8, which is for 0.90, you'll be fine - - - Updated - - - @rextable. try removing Tweakscale. That worked for me (lost a day finding that out).
  6. @rextable This is a list of the mods I have that you also have: Active Texture Management (Aggressive) AIES Aerospace EVE + Astronomers Active Texture Management (Aggressive) AIES Aerospace EVE + Astronomers Visual Pack:Edge Of Oblivion B9 Aerospace Community Tech Tree Cross Feed Enabler Distant Object enhancement Docking Port Alignment Editor Extensions Enhanced Navball Fusebox Hyper Edit Interstellar KAS Alarm Clock KW Infernal Robotics Intersteller Map Resource Overlay Mechjeb Memory Usage Module Manager Near Future Construction + Propulsion + Solar Planet shine Proc Wings Proc Fairings Raster Prop Monitor RCS Build Aid Realchute Parachute Systems ScanSat 9 Science Alert Ship Manifest S6 Service Compartments Hot Rockets Tac Fuel Balancer Tech Manager Tool Bar Texture Replacer Trajectories Tweakscale
  7. I have the same problem, but with ALL intakes, so I don't think it's a B9 problem...
  8. Put the file on mediafire, dropbox or some similar site. Then just post the link to it here.
  9. Would I be right in assuming that working with FAR also means working with NEAR?
  10. From OP "does provide science reports both while landed as well as in space"