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  1. That seems like it needs to be toned down quite a bit, IMO. That's pretty ridiculous and defeats the purpose of science-specific parts altogether.
  2. I've actually never once used this thing ... When I unlocked it in career mode I was excited because more science! But then I read up on what it did and I thought "Well, this doesn't seem particularly effective..." I feel like the science-specific techs in general really drop off in significance after the Science Jr. Unlocking barometers far down the tech tree just to get 10 dinky extra science or whatever feels really bad.
  3. I like your idea, but honestly I also really like parts testing. An early mission I got was to test a certain booster at 23km. It really made me stop and think because I'd never designed a rocket before that waited until it was that high up to even stage to boosters. I think parts testing encourages interesting and unique rocket designs that normally people would never explore.
  4. I kinda ducked out of the conversation because it evolved to something outside of the scope I had set out, but I LOVE this idea. This, I think, provides some really fun and interesting gameplay, as well as realism, that KSP currently lacks. Maybe have the test center in the RND department.
  5. I wanna point out that I don't think the problem is difficulty; I think the difficulty is actually fine. It's still a really complex game with a really high learning curve. The problem as I see it is that funds didn't actually change the way anyone played. The effectiveness of funds to introduce new gameplay was watered down by how cheap everything is and how easy it is to get money. It's not about difficulty, it's about whether or not funds succeeded in changing the game significantly. Just for clarification
  6. Thanks for the advice, but I'm trying to go clean on this one; total stock, no mods Maybe once I finish the tech tree, I can start over with a couple mods and try to do something more difficult.
  7. This could be okay with rep decay, but if your rep never goes down without failures, then you just pump up your rep with easy tier-1 contracts and then time warp till you have all the money you'll ever need. This could very well be true. Since I started over the game for the patch, I'm not at a point yet where I'm launching stuff like that into orbit, so I can't say for sure. I'll reserve judgment on this point until I can test it myself
  8. 0.24 has been out for a couple days now, so I'd like to discuss the changes. The addition of funds, in my opinion, is not fulfilling the intended purpose. I started over career mode, and within a single in-game day, I've managed to work up 80k funds. My next mission is to get a stable orbit around Kerbin, which is probably going to cost me about 10k to perform and which promises to net me about 3x that much on the back end, putting me over 100k funds on the first in-game day of career mode. The only thing 0.24 has changed for me is that, rather than orbiting Kerbin because I want to practice o
  9. Darn! My greed was my own undoing! Alright, I guess that's better than being bested by a kraken ... I'll keep that in mind next time. Thanks guys!
  10. I accepted a contract to test out a new parachute. I had to be between 480 and 680 m/s, and between 17km and 29km. So, I launched a simple ship up to about 50km, then controlled my descent just enough that I was at around 600 m/s at 28km, within the upper bounds of the contract parameters, and then manually opened the chute (I wanted to try and save as many of my stages as possible). I landed the ship safely, but I didn't receive any of my contract pay. Now I'm short about 10k funds and I don't have enough to finish the contract? What did I do wrong? =/ I can't figure out what went wrong. Is t
  11. I dunno, maybe I'm overly optimistic about people's willingness to watch KSP, but I think this is a cop-out. Hearthstone is consistently near the top of twitch rankings in number of viewers and it's a strategic card game with almost no action or activity, and right now has 24k viewers. As I type this, over 14k people are watching Minecraft streams. Civilization V, a personal favorite game of mine but a game that even I would never watch on stream, has almost 700 viewers. KSP, by comparison, has less than 60. We're pulling a tenth of the viewer base of Civilization V. I don't think that's a ge
  12. His stupidity is far too high for him to ever deceive you. Send him in orbit around Jool just to be sure, though.
  13. The small stuff has always been the little extra flair that makes this game amazing to me. I love the little details.
  14. Of all the changes being made, the Vernor is what I'm most excited about, actually. Running out of monoprop halfway through a docking procedure is just frustrating. The struggle is real.
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