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  1. I forgot to comment: km/hr (mph) would work for those uses.
  2. I agree, it’s ‘rocket science’, it should be in metric. Most of the world uses it, including scientists and medical professionals in the U.S. Pretty much only the U.S. and possessions use imperial units.
  3. Eureka!! I just did it just a bit ago. I guess they invented the grabber since the last post here. Jeb ran out of electricity and couldn't stage or retro. Periapsis was 199, too high. So, Bob, Bill, and Tedfrey mounted a rescue mission with the grabber. Approaching Jeb, Bob attemped EVA to transfer a solar panel from Rescue to Jeb's ship, doesn't work. So, they grabbed Jeb's pod with the grabber. It won't grab the science jr, but will grab the command module. Once 'docked', at Apo, retroburned to a Peri of about 40 km. Meanwhile, since the ships are connected, Rescue charged Jeb's batteries, e
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