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  1. Wanted to thank you for having built kerbalstuff.  

  2. I think you're misreading my tone, and I hope I'm misreading yours, as it's not very befitting of a moderator. I've kept an eye on SpaceDock and it's being taken in a direction that is a severe departure from the direction of KS, and many people have reacted negatively with no signs of change from the maintainers. I wasn't sure if it was a vocal minority expressing complaints, but I came here to see if that was the case. In the same way that Squad took the liquid when the community complained about Curse, I want to see that SpaceDock doesn't. The results were about what I expected, and that's fine. I'll leave it to them, and hope that the direction they take it works well.
  3. After shutting down Kerbal Stuff two months ago, I received a flood of gratitude that I didn't know cared. Thank you. I was wrong about how the you felt, and I'm sorry that I let the silent majority down. Despite the emails encouraging me to keep the site up, I was confident that the community would step up and fill the void effectively. Knowing that the community would heal itself made it easier. In the time since, I'm not sure that belief has held true. https://strawpoll.me/7392137
  4. You may have been the greatest Man to ever live.......

  5. Man you are a hero, thanks for all

  6. I've run community sites.
    I've run community wikis.
    I've hosted community sites.
    I've been GM and even 'God' in onlines games since before the web, when online meant telnet, mail and netnews.
    I've paid hard cash to host, I've sweet-talked managers to let me host my 'funnies' on the university/corporate net.
    But one thing that I've never done is to even hint that I should have credit for it.
    I get my kicks now, when 'ye oldes' get together and people say "hang on, you're _that guy_?"
    You had it coming, but you got greedy, sorry.
    (Oh, yeah, I got the young blonde too ;))


  7. Kerbal Stuff guy here. Someone pointed out to me that this official statement exists. Thanks for the response, Squad. I appreciate its candidness, and that it exists at all, and I figured I'd stop by and add even more clarification. Eventually I gave up, but I believe I made it very clear that Squad's choice to support Curse and continue supporting Curse over Kerbal Stuff was the wrong choice and that I wanted to seal the deal and make Kerbal Stuff official. I had also reached out to them in the past and offered things like admin positions on the site for KSP staff. Kerbal Stuff wasn't developed to be an "unofficial, independent alternative", it was developed because Curse sucked and I wanted to make something better available. I misspoke when I originally used the words "legal action" in my public letter, and have since edited it after KasperVld reached out and pointed out that it could be misread. I never saw letters from lawyers, but there was a discussion that I felt very threatened about. I was *told* to change the name - it wasn't an open dialogue. There were several weeks of arguing back and forth about this, followed by a long period of silence that was never properly resolved. I never heard the words "you can use Kerbal in the name" from Squad, even after bringing the matter back up several times. The discussion was hostile. - - - I'd still like to let this die. My feelings from the original letter still stand - maintaining Kerbal Stuff is a burden that went unnoticed and unappreciated from both Squad and the community. I will extend a warm "thank you" to the hundreds of players who have emailed me words of late thanks and encouragement, and a cold "love you" to the dozens of players who emailed me rude and spiteful comments, but the decision remains final. A lot of people have also suggested donations - none of this is because of money. I can afford to host Kerbal Stuff very easily. Thanks, though, honestly. SpaceDock has my blessing. I have also given them a copy of the database (all personal info removed). Hopefully they can meet your modding needs in the future so no one has to deal with the awful mess that is Curse. Maybe in the future Squad will even reconsider their choice to support Curse and go with the superior alternative? Time will tell.
  8. You are an unsung hero of the KSP Community. You made an attractive, fast, and easy to use mod sharing site that was infinitely better than Curse. Although it's something that I've never tried before, I'd personally be open to running it with some help from the always helpful forumers. The old saying that you "only miss (and appreciate) it once it's gone" is true here, I honestly took KerbalStuff for granted after it being the default mod site, KS like Google and Curse like Ask.com or Yahoo (personal opinion). Thank you so much, you really have changed KSP's modding community over the past two years.

  9. Thanks so much. I really appreciated your excellent work on KerbalStuff. I am very sorry to hear you received a load of negativity

  10. I don't really have much interest in investing more time in Kerbal Stuff to improve things like performance. It's clear that Squad doesn't give a poop. KS has almost twice as many mods as Curse does, but Squad still supports Curse instead. No one ever shows any interest whenever I've spent time on improving Kerbal Stuff. At this point, who cares? I guess I'll upgrade the server to a better one when I have time, and I'll turn CloudFlare back on (which causes problems for modders with big zip files). Otherwise I don't really care, and neither does Squad. Doesn't matter how much better Kerbal Stuff is than Curse, Squad will never ditch Curse and KS will always rely on word of mouth to grow. Not worth wasting more of my time on, it's a mature product and no one cares if I spend time improving it.
  11. The issue has been fixed, please re-attempt your uploads and consult sup[email protected] instead of the dev thread next time.
  12. It's no longer hosted with Majiir. I work at a hosting company and host it on our own infrastructure. I just bumped up the specs on the server today.
  13. Kerbal Stuff has 1,000 mods! That's 459 more than Curse, for those watching at home. I upgraded the server today to a beefier size today as well.
  14. Can you explain more about how you're connecting to Kerbal Stuff? I am able to access it without any problems on the new certificate.
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