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  1. Hey, good to see you back up, I hope everything's OK Cool thing! Nah, I guess it's always OK to 'discuss' such things openly, ehehe I have only 'repatched' the paths, nothing fancy really. Adding/removing logos sadly still involves typing them into something and all the clickeroo when changeing the logo in the VAB^^ But you can have a look at my GitHub... thingy. It's the actual MM patch for the CRAP minimod. Maybe you can salvage/rewrite it to your purposes.
  2. Yep, it uses the firespitter texture and mesh switchers modules.
  3. h0yer

    FASA launch towers graphics glitch

    I'm not entirely sure, I believe you don't need the extra 'FASA launchclamps continued' mod, if you already have the full FASA mod installed, maybe they do weird things to each other, but I might be wrong^^
  4. Me again, with another question^^ How do I treat partnames that have spaces? The same way as mod dependecies, removing the spaces? I've tried an @PART[Flat Decal|Decal curved] as well as an @PART[Flatdecal|Decalcurved] but neither seems to work. I'm trying to fiddle around with "NEBULA Decals", which essentially works the same way like the "Decal Stickers" mod, by using firespitter, and with DecalStickers I already was successful, but its partnames have no spaces, NEBULA's partnames somehow have.
  5. Heya! Got another few questions regarding MM syntax: How far can one go with *wildcards and partnames in general? Can I use a @PART[part1;part2;...] to apply the exact same patches to a set of specific parts? (Changing textures for example) Or can I use a @PART[*decal*] to include all parts that are, for example named "Flat Decal", "Decal Curved" and "Funny Decal Of Fun"? Are two wildcards allowed? I believe I'm getting more and more a hand on MM, I really start to like it a lot
  6. Well, I just downloaded it and immediately after opening the archive, I realized it uses the same firespitter plugin, so basically all my questions have been answered. OK, I'll treat the MM-patch for your mod the same way, I'll just remove the firespitter textureRootFolder and add the missing credentials to all paths on the original logos, as well as adding all logos from CRAP I now I ask for a lot, but could you probably remove the root folder, so adding logos from outside the NEBULA folder is generally possible without MM patching so much stuff? I'm aware, that a lot of paths would become quite long, but the change would allow for more integration with other mods, that provide logos. Just an idea. I could as well fork'n'push the changes, if you are interested^^ Peace!
  7. Huh, I should pay more attention to OPs, thx for pointing out^^ Another question: Can the folder NEBULA draws its logos from be altered, so one can add logos from other mod folders, without copying them into NEBULA? I had encountered the same issue with blackheart's DecalSticker mod, I mitigated it by removing the firespitter root folder and simply adding a layer of folder structure to each original logo entry^^ Well, work end is near, so I guess I'll just download and test the fun in an hour and ask more questions later, should I get stuck or overly baffled Thanks for the hints
  8. I'd say you can ask anything regarding RealismOverhaul And yes, Nathan Kell's tutorials still apply. The mechanics didn't change a lot between 1.0.3 and 1.2.2 iirc, besides comnet stuff. I don't really know how many RO players actually exist, but I think it's actually quite a lot. At least enough to make this entire thing a... thing^^ I believe that quite a lot of bored NASA employees / desktop pilots have a secret KSP/RO install hidden behind a boss-screen
  9. @linuxgurugamer Heya! Just discovered this mod, and even without trying, I know I already like it a lot I'm a little wonderous because I've never seen it before^^ Does the mod cope with rectangular shaped png files, like the usual flag and agency format? I would like to write some MM configs, to make your NEBULA stickers integrate with CRAP (or the other way around), the same thing I made for the DecalStickers mod. Peace and have fun
  10. The RealismOverhaul Wiki contains the most important pointers. It might seem like a huge amount of new stuff, it actually is, but it is very rewarding Building your first orbit capable rocket can be really interesting. Lots of fails, but each iteration, you will have learned something new, until you start blasting them into orbit fully manually, by the seat of your pants The difference between ascent trajectories will probablxy freak you out, as well the long time it can take to get something into orbit. Even finalizing/circularizing your orbit after Apoapsis, when you are basically faling back to Earth, happens quite often^^ Staging can be funny, especially if it happens right in the wrong time, like during max Q on a buttheavy rocket, they tend to flip over and disperse themselves quite spectacularily or separated stages running into each other, fairings smashing into the rocket, SRBs detaching crappy and smacking your rocket, lots of fun, that's where the most Kerbal-actions happen I found out for myself that engine burn time restrictions (TestFlight) are a really interesting factor. It's never really too late for anything, go for it
  11. A'ight, thanks a lot for the advice, I'll fiddle around a bit more
  12. Heya! I'm trying to add DMagic Science Modules to Raidernick's Probes, and it really seems to work in some way So far, I managed to make the experiments show up in the right click menu on the Cassini probe body, they can be performed, boom animation plays, but they all repeat the animation of extending the boom/antennae. I entered Cassini's animation name into the DM science modules but don't know how to make all experiments recognize the proper animation state of the boom. Would someone like to point me out how to fix this? I'm quite fresh to writing MM stuff, I understand some elements, but most of them are still somewhat obscure to me, especially the "keepDeployedMode = 2" and "waitForAnimationTime= -1" Here is what I have whipped up so far: (mostly copypasted actually)
  13. Yay, another update! (v1.1) Added a few more agencies (10-12, dunno, see changelog) and their logos, fixed some minor cosmetics and grammar and made MM patches for integration with DecalStickers, woohoo One persistent bug: The Hercules logo is somehow bugged, DecalStickers don't like them and the large once can't even be previewed in GitHub, odd thing that is. Have fun nontheless ! During the last hours, I wore an old Soviet army hat, sponsored by a coworker, I squeezed down one tube of Cosmopit astronaut food, brought from the same coworker as souvenier and I blasted the Red Army Choir through my room, yeah, and I think on monday, I'll scrounge my companie's scrap cages for parts for making a proper soyuz keyboard poking stick Here a screenshot, sponsored by DecalStickes: