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  1. Small question. If I recall correctly, Adjustable Landing Gear used to have a second texture with black shielding instead of the white. I don't see that in this version of it. Are there any plans to implement that? Side note: Getting back into KSP after two years, it's nice to see people still working on mods and maintaining older ones.
  2. Do you mean like a part that only has a door on it? If you made the part, you wouldn't have to animate anything, it would literally just have a door on the side of the fuselage and nothing else on the part.
  3. I know this will make finding a name even harder, but would you be interested in making an airlock part for each of the cabin sizes? Somebody mentioned this earlier in the thread, and I think a stock-alike part would be really useful and cool.
  4. Are you putting the actual Mechjeb part (AR202 iirc) on your crafts? Does MJ show up in your toolbar?
  5. Nice pods as always. As of 0.1.6, the parachute is just slightly undersized for some reason btw.
  6. @Ven The smoke plume for the Rhino engine is rotated 90 degrees from where it should be, making the smoke shoot out of the side of the engine. I'm currently on 1.9.4, and it was in .3 also. I'm assuming this can't be fixed with a simple CFG edit?
  7. Stupid Question: What are the bumpers on the docking port for? They don't really seem to absorb impacts.
  8. @DaMichel Alright, that's interesting, thanks for the response.
  9. @boontze Those cockpits are a part of SXT if I recall correctly. Might want to ask there. @FreddyPhantom We're in unity 5 now, so any updates? Did anyone ever volunteer to help you with the mod?
  10. Hi, couple questions about both Kerbal Flight Indicators and Kerbal Flight Data, both of which I've been using since each came out (and I don't play without them.) 1. For KFD, is the data supposed to be that close to the bottom of the screen? In 1.0.5, they were a bit further away from the edge, so I was wondering if there a way to move them up a little. 2. While changing "useAppLauncher" to false worked for disabling the icon for KFI, it doesn't seem to want to work for KFD. Suggestions? 3. Not a necessarily a question, but the horizon indicator is sort of hard to see in-game. I saw that the CFG contains "horizon color" as a sting of values, so I'm probably just going to experiment with those. 4. Speaking of KFI, I see that you still include the old images and configuration for the old graphics. Why? Out of curiosity.
  11. On the super 67, the stock IVA is outside the part. Is it a CFG thing that you can change by moving coordinates up or is it more complicated? Sorry to hear about the models.
  12. Is it possible to place a new Hangar A and have the doors open in the same way? Also: Reverting flights, loading quicksaves, or recoveing a craft mid animation will freeze them until the game is restarted. The center markers on the runway are angled slightly wrong btw.
  13. Btw, your forum link on SpaceDock is missing the colon in "http://" so you might want to fix that.
  14. They are 2.5 meters. You could use the stock Mk3 parts if you wanted to hold 2.5m parts.
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