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  1. Hello my my name is plasmeus but my real name is Ben. I am a Brotherhood member, and an eagle scout with 3 palms and the Arrow of Light. I just got the triple crown after my recent trip to Northern Tier in Canada. I actually worked at a BSA summer camp this past summer teaching 4 weeks of robotics, communications, and computers.
  2. I guess as the New Horizons hi-res textures start getting (slowly) beamed back we will finally not have to look at Vall(I think that was what pluto was replaced by). I think the Pluto surface pictures are of highest priority so they will be coming over the downlink first.
  3. Just letting you guys know, RO does not seem to have RSS as a dependency in CKAN anymore.
  4. That tends to be the result of any launch with a high TWR rocket using default DRE settings. I get so frustrated with it sometimes that I often disable it. It is also too harsh on probes and structural parts in regards to G force tolerance, as in real life many probes were made to handle dozens, if not hundreds of G's.
  5. Dolin, you don't need a very circular orbit for a TLI so that shouldn't matter much. Pretty much no matter what you do I find that there is quite a lot of steering loss because the S-2 and S-IVB stages have low starting TWRs. In addition to that, the fuel tank mixtures are not correct, so I usually end up with extra fuel. Normally I would think this is to make up for LH2 boil-off, but there seems to be too big of a discrepancy between the fuel boil-off and extra fuel. The main thing to remember when launching the C-5 is to time your launch so that you line up with the plane of the moon. - - - Updated - - - NathanKell is right about the Hypergolics purpose as being storable. In fact, the the fuel mixture used for the LEM ascent stage was so volatile that the engine was ruined after only one burn. This meant that actual engines on the LEMs were not test fired which is why they had to be made so reliable.
  6. Question: Is there any easy way to launch on to the plane of the eliptic? The An / Dn aren't shown when your target is outside your SOI making it very difficult to line up for interplanetary transfers.
  7. I used the default setting, not sure of the exact values. I find that Deadly Reentry will sometimes be too harsh and sometimes too forgiving making reentries quite random Edit: Just to point out, some probes in real life may experience dozens of G's and come out fine, but that is impossible with DE currently. Perhaps we can increase the G-tolerance of structural parts and probes as it is the actual crew members who in reality are really at risk of damage from excess G's.
  8. Check the Deadly Reentry multipliers in the settings. Also a very prolonged reentry might just be able to keep temps down that low. I did the same thing with about 6 or 7 "skips" and barely needed the the heat shield.
  9. Trust me, once you have n-body physics it becomes a pain. You know all those nice interplanetary transfers you set up? Now they're transfers to nowhere, as the orbits have drifted away. the only solution to that is a complicated and very slow prediction system.
  10. Question: is there a way to automatically dampen controls in physics time warp to prevent planes from pulling huge g's and and their corresponding "Spontaneous Unplanned Disassembly"?
  11. Simple question: how is the scaling determined for part sizes in the RO config files? Also, what unit is used for the mass of parts as seen from the VAB?
  12. almost certainly memory issues. please consult the OP and recent posts before posting issues
  13. Does anyone know of any good throttleable engines that work in atmosphere and don't use cryogenic fuels? I am planning a mission to mars but I can't seem to find any decent landing engines other than the SpaceX radial ones(and even those have no gimbal). One more thing, does the orbit manipulator mod still work?