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  1. Thanks for the update ferram! We all appreciate your hard work making this mod essential!
  2. Sounds great Starwaster - glad you and ferram are working together to make these two mods work well together. I use both so I am excited to see what comes out of your partnership.
  3. Fantastic erendrake and team. RT is one of my few "must have" mods.
  4. Love the design. If this helps even one girl to aspire to go into the STEM fields or love space it is worth the dev time. Nice job Squad.
  5. I play with it on all the time and consider it one of my 'essential' mods - but I think it is better off being a mod as it is likely a bit too hard for most and it would entail a lot of work for Squad to be able to integrate it into the game and yet balancing the experience for those who want it and those who don't.
  6. Quick question that I searched for and couldn't find: Where are the custom selections saved? Every time I install a new version the custom selections get removed and I create quite a few, so I'd kinda like to keep them.
  7. Nineunium, this is an absolutely fantastic mod - one I would say is essentially a must have even for those who want to limit their mods. Fantastic job! One (small) issue I have with v1.1 is that the alpha isn't saved so it is reset with each flight. I tried to edit the config file and add what I guessed the lines would be to save the alpha channel, but no such luck. Is there a way to save the alpha or is that going to be added in the future? I could always modify the dll in my spare time if it isn't something planned, but my programming is rusty and I'd rather leave it up to the amazing mod makers such as yourself.
  8. While I am very very very excited for 0.24, I'm just so happy with how Squad has worked on KSP that I can wait patiently
  9. Fantastic News! A sincere thank you to all of the modders, past and present that have helped with this mods development - it is easily one of my favorites in KSP!
  10. You could be a little kinder in your request and a little less demanding sounding. If you read their update notes they are finishing their scope-completion and after that comes optimization, improvements and more content. So you won't likely see any major aerodynamic overhaul until a few more updates at least. Maybe use Ferram Aerospace Research in the interim?
  11. So I have searched high and low (mainly youtube, here, reddit) for some sort of basic guide or walkthrough as to how to use these graphs and numbers to no avail. The only basics I've got is that on the "Data + Stability Derivatives", green numbers are good and the brief description given by scrolling over those numbers. Is there anywhere where these graphs and numbers are given a little walkthrough/guide for us non-aviation folks?
  12. My greatest sin happened this morning as me and my wife prepped to go to the in-laws. I was in a rush and accidentally knocked my shapeway Jeb off the counter. It was as if time moved in slow motion as he hit the ground, his head breaking off at the neck. I would have taken a picture of it, but the scene was far too gruesome for a family friendly forum. But for the "pics or it didn't happen" crowd, I made a quick reenactment picture of the aftermath: My Jeb is currently in the recovering in the post op room after a liberal dose of Guerrilla Glue and neck reattachment surgery.
  13. Agreeing with what Cetera and xrayfishx said: RealChute is a great mod that helps prevent the parachute snapping and with FAR you need to really skim the atmosphere. When I first started using FAR I realized just how 'steep' my entry was. Your goal is to enter into the atmosphere just enough that you won't get flung back out of the atmosphere on the other side. It takes practice, but it is well worth the quicksave/quickload time!
  14. Squad, I've been a gamer for 18ish years and I've seen countless games - some great some terrible. With all of my sincerity, Kerbal Space Program has been the best experience I've ever had in gaming. Not only has it been entertaining and fun it has inspired me to better learn astrophysics and rekindled a love of space that I haven't had in awhile. Making a game 'fun' is relatively easy, but making a game that educates as well as being fun is dang near impossible. I love how responsive you've been to the community, 'sponsoring' streamers, and reaching out to educators. I have told everyone who may be even remotely related in this game to buy it and y'all are truly an example to follow for other game developers. Thank you, --Nate
  15. Gotcha, so space planes are essentially useful for ferrying people out of atmo and into LKO/LEO on the cheap. That is their place, the niche they fill. Transplanetary trips or lifting a lot of weight is where the space planes lose out on their advantage over rockets. Correct?