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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with IL-2. Try IL-2 1946, they have a lot of cool experimental planes to play with. Ahhh, B-17. That was a great game. I tried it on realisitic setting... I couldnt even get the engines started, I was just good at blowing them before even rolling 1m...
  2. Also you can check your computers BIOS options. If you have an mobo card you can disable it there.
  3. Can we please get back on 'topic'. This discussion isnt helping anyone...
  4. Oh I just realised i sound like a 14 year old when reading my initial post. I guess thats what this game turns you into hehe. (im 37) and haven had this much fun playing a game since... maybe the first sim city.
  5. Did you actually read my post?
  6. Man oh man, last night i dreamt that 0.16 was released! I mean, how crazy is that. Its like 'ohh i finally get to try out all the new features' and then it was like 'nooo nothing works and the graphics look like on commodore 64'. Hehe. Hope it was just a nightmare I really want to know how far we have left to wait.
  7. Dont know if its good or bad that my colleagues asked me if i designed the nk rocket, since they know i love kerbal...
  8. So, any idea when 1.40 will be up? The wait is driving me crazy...
  9. Just preordered, hope my little money helps
  10. The invoice has already been payed.
  11. I tried to preorder KSP before the price went up, but i got that error message. Now it feels like I dont want to buy because i was cheated out of the 'good' price.
  12. Dont know if you noticed this bug, but i sure did. I made a rocket with 6 tall 'tank boosters' as i call them. 32 tanks in total, and inside a small rocket that will get to the mun. In the editor, when i use struts to connect the towers, the struts dont work properly anymore. they dont connect, or connect wrong. I dont know how to describe it other than that. Even if I use the 6x multiplier it sometimes only use 1 strut... Hope there will be a 0.13.2.
  13. Hello there, im not exactly a new kerbonaut, because i\'ve been playing it since 0.85. Im very happy about 0.12. Made a funny mistake yesterday. I followed th AP point precisely, and made it to the mun. However, i didnt have enough fuel to slow down. So i ended up in a orbit around the mun and kerbal forever. And that made me ask the important question: what is worse, stranded on the moon or in orbit?
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