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  1. I made progress mate! I tried to convert all the button icons files to PNG and now it works properly
  2. If you are talking about the graphic card, I have an Radeon R9 270X, perhaps you are using a nvidia?
  3. I just tried that test version but sadly the problem stays the same Btw I can`t see the picture you posted :S Btw my settings have the textures at half quality, might that be the issue?! EDIT: That was it! Playing the game at half texture quality causes it, just tested it. Textures must be at full quality for the icons to show
  4. Alright I will come here to see if you made progress
  5. Sorry, I don`t understand much about google drive, can you check if it is unlocked now?
  6. EDIT: I don`t have any texture reduction pack! Here is the output log (With the updated version you just uploaded): Image of the problem (Note this pic is a bit old I barely have any other mods now and the problem continues):
  7. Hi timmers_uk! I love your mod but I have a problem. Running KSP on OpenGL gives you the proper icons on the toolbar (you see the bubble and the different colors once you receive a message and everything), now when running on normal mode (no OpenGL), the icon on the toolbar turns to a black square that doesn`t change shape to the bubble or color... Cheers for the good work
  8. When is this mod going to be updated? Love it is a must have for me!!
  9. Oh mate they are so many, for the station I use mostly 2 mods: and
  10. What happen to the re-skin / re-model parts project? EDIT: The mod folder has a typo