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  1. When will the version change to 1.12..x for Rover's mods?
  2. I would wait until this mod gets updated, it's playable but there seems to be some kinks that could de-rail a campaign game that need to be worked out, plus getting everything up onto 1.12 would make things smoother in general.
  3. So how goes the development so far? I haven't made it to the last few twitch streams he's done, if he's still doing those?
  4. Does the black hole drive have a chance of driving everyone on board the craft insane?
  5. I was about to make a post about this myself, it would be nice if we could have lower settings or to turn off the research bonuses from the scanner completely, since I just got back from a Minmus mission in my game with over 500 research due to the insta-research you get from that scanner. It was a bit shocking lol Edit: I'll create an issue post since I never use github so the pull request stuff goes way over my head at the moment I'm a bit out of the loop here but are you adding off-world ship construction and launch facilities ALA 'extra-planetary launchpads' functionality to your mod now? That sounds neat if so.
  6. Is this mod still maintained? Will there be a fix for the mentioned bugs that have popped up in 1.11? Or is Blowfish waiting for a patch to KSP before updating?
  7. Hey, I just started playing KSP again after 2-ish years and gave this mod a try since UBM is dead now I love it and am currently putting up mun probes! The only suggestion I have so far is that there should probably be a 1.5m liquid fuel engine placed at the 'Advanced Rocketry' tech node. From my experience (I'm playing a custom hard campaign with reduced tech rewards and higher costs so take with a grain of salt I guess) I've noticed that at one point I had a bunch 1.5m tanks and parts sitting around but with no real way to launch them outside of the memey "more boosters" way since the smaller .625m engines can be incredibly unstable at lifting 1.5 tanks and kind of ruins the more realistic looking rocket design approach I was going for.
  8. So I've come back to KSP after the release of BG. Is there any information on whether or not this mod works with 1.7.1, what tweaks might be needed, if any?
  9. Does the CTT patch still work with the latest 1.3.1 version? I installed it but the prop parts and other parts were still grouped together in one tech node instead of spread out. What was the last version CTT worked for if so?
  10. It's fixed! Thank you for the help and fix @OhioBob and @Galileo
  11. I downloaded OPM (latest version from Galileo's continuation of it) and first tested with max graphics settings, both Sarnus and Sirona had a ring, I set the graphics to the lower settings I usually play at and Sarnus had its ring while Sirona went back to a black ring.
  12. That's exactly what I am using. Anyways I've found what the issue is, kind of. I had my graphics settings turned down for better performance in-game, these were the settings changes I had when I was getting the black ring: anti-aliasing disabled shadow cascades set to 2 highlight FX disabled (it disables automatically when you disable anti-aliasing) render quality: good I did a little test and maxed out all graphics settings and the rings worked. The issue I have now is narrowing down which setting or combination of settings causes the rings to work and not work, which is tedious and time consuming since I usually have to restart the game each time I make major settings changes before they take effect.
  13. I'm having a issue with Sirona, the ring is solid black. In this install I only have GPP, and EVE installed. This planet is the only body that has an issue with its ring.
  14. So I was wondering, what is the extent of the time period the new parts will be covering? Will it be up to the moon landing? Or will it also cover the Soviet's N1 and planned moon rocket, the Buran, Shuttle era, and things like the linear aerospike engine?
  15. How far are the devs going for the making history parts? Space Shuttle and ISS? moon, mars and near future missions? Have they even decided?
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