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  1. With the new release's hitpoint system, temperature is no longer used for damage, can you guys tie parts temperature to gun overheating mechanic again? So that firing guns will heat the surrounding parts, and make it more visible to IR, and you can use heatsinks to make guns fire for longer.
  2. Dang, never noticed heat values was in the debug menu I'm gonna check it out
  3. Can you check if you cover up the engine with wings or structural fuselage it will make IR missiles harder to get a lock? I remember the BDArmory wiki saying you can get around engine heat by keeping it out of IR missile's line of sight, but I have never tested this mechanic conclusively. If this were true, then you can edit the engine to go as hot as you want and the opponent won't see anything hotter than ambient temperature.
  4. Normally, to add 100kN you'd have to add 1.5 tons, not just weight of the extra engines, but also counterweight elsewhere to maintain balance, extra fuel to push the extra weight and maintain the same endurance, as well as weight of extra wings to lift the added weight. Allowing text editing engines would increase of planes' maneuverability far more than one might expect. There's really no downside to compensate for this advantage that text editing brings.
  5. I like how the each missile in Basilisk's MLRS has an angle offset to make them spread out. This one is really really close.
  6. Thanks, pasting your window coords fixed it.
  7. Hi, I need some help, I accidently dragged the BDArmory window outside of the game window, now I can't see it anymore. I've tried restarting KSP as well as starting a new save, but I still can't see the BDArmory window when I click on the BDArmory button. Is there a place I can reset the position of the BDArmory window?
  8. I can confirm that the lack of bullet tracers is due to "Texture Quality" in Graphics Settings. It needs to be set to "Full Res" for tracers to appear. A clean 1.4.3 install sets it to "Half-Res", hence why some people as well as myself earlier were having problems seeing tracers. But it's strange how flare launchers look like ammo boxes
  9. goduranus

    The Great War

    I think the cluster bomb should be higher on the tech tree, cuz it's really effective. Does it count as bomb with airbrake or no? What no probe cores until tech 4? Back to the drawing board...
  10. goduranus

    The Great War

    This is a weird rule, that I think will confuse a bunch of people. Why not just have vehicles cost what they say in the SPH/VAB? and double the budget if you need to. Edit: man, air park is needed
  11. goduranus

    The Great War

    Another quick throwtogether https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/EK-AAV These two vastly exceeded the cost limit, I think
  12. goduranus

    The Great War

    Got a armored recon vehicle https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/WK-MUVAM
  13. goduranus

    The Great War

    You're gonna be up against crafts built with BDArmory, so probably need more combat effective crafts than a single shot cannon, armed with BDArmory weapons and such. Although, @Terra1 can your computer handle that many mods? What do you mean by Tech Level 1?
  14. Do you guys know where did BDArmory obtain its 3d models? Making parts config is easy enough, but 3d models all cost money these days, did Bahamuto make them himself?
  15. Gonna post my craft now that it's started https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Samurai-Sled