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  1. Get this one, Children of a Dead Earth. A realistic near future space ship customization combat simulator.
  2. I noticed the Tiger Engine's afterburner exhaust don't really increase the temperature of parts they strike, and IR missiles from BDArmory don't pick up afterburning Tigers as well as the other afterburning engines, could you perhaps increase the exhaust particle temperature a little, mostly just for BDArmory, really.
  3. I think 4x AIM-9 on the PEGASys actually made a difference, I gotta put more on my next plane.
  4. Noooooo, didn't beat PEGASys even with MLRS
  5. Since you have an Nvidia card, you can also download the Geforce experience and use Shadowplay.
  6. Pasting the rules here so it's easier for people to see Also contrary to what I once believed, drones are allowed.
  7. I think it's fine as long as the timer flashes green some of the time, almost nobody could keep it green all the time. @dundun92 you still building a plane for Hojoz' CFC? We're waiting on a few more planes to get started.
  8. For this one, try to spawn each plane in a slightly different direction, with J and L keys. I try to point them away from the center(fighter on the right point slightly to the right, and fighter to the left point slightly to the left) of the formation by 1-2 key presses, this seems to keep them from doing a crazy collision avoidance maneuver some of the time.
  9. I think here are some steps, assuming you're playing on Windows 10 Open PRE(physics range extension) tab on the top right, and set ground object load range to ~40km Use Vessel Spawner menu to deploy one of the teams on the eastern tip of the KSC runway, facing east Use Vessel Spawner menu to deploy the other team on the western tip of the island runway, facing west Check if teams are correct, then F5 to quick save If needed, swap to all competitor vessels and press space bar to activate their engines, although some planes are set up to not need this Use BDArmory menu, click gear shaped settings button to start competition mode When opposing sides are closer than 8km apart, press [windows key]+G to open game recording menu(windows key is usually between Ctrl and Alt keys) Click the Record button in the game recording menu After combat ends, press [windows key]+G again and click on the stop record button The videos are saved under "This PC\Videos" If you're using Windows 7, then you might have to use shadowplay or some other 3rd party program.
  10. Hmm, it was showed on the RWR of my other plane.
  11. Oh wow, nice find, that missile's got an active radar.
  12. Don't bother with it, the RCS torque is puny compared to aerodynamic forces at any significant speeds.
  13. Did you crank up the "Missiles per Target" setting on the weapon controller? Usd missile controller bits floating around count as active missiles. If you've reached the setting limit then more missiles won't be fired.
  14. Yes. I did some tinkering and it seems the culprit of missiles exploding on the launching craft is the drop timer used to stagger the AIM-9 launches. The solution might be to have multiple modular missiles controls, each with staggered ranges without drop timer, and have each MMC launching a single AIM-9. A few AIM-9s that needed to be fired from closer than the minimum range setting of the modular missile control would still need drop timer, but these could be ejected downwards to prevent collision with launching craft. Also maybe tilting up the MLRS slightly will help. I am gonna try this. Edit, Hmm, the newest version of the Vampire Squirrel from a couple of days back already had MLRS tilted up slightly, could've swear I uploaded that one but nope. Oh well, gonna send in that version as a new entry. https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Vampire-Squirrel-B
  15. That happened several times when I was trying your plane before, it kept flying as a distraction, and I think it's a good feature.