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  1. VAB horizontal landing challenge

    Adding the scores, @AeroGav's top speed for scoring will be only 1420 because as he used rockets after this.
  2. Sorry guy I saw your message about a new dev version coming out, but I haven't played KSP for a couple of days so haven't tested the infinite fuel fix.
  3. The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    @DarkOwl57 why not let us post screenshots and clock the track time ourselves? You seem quite busy, this'd save you a lot of time.
  4. Flying Saucer

    That is an engine indeed, albeit text edited to make its own fuel. There was a previous version that flies by taking advantage of collision boxes and air friction errors but it doesn't work since they patched it.
  5. Torchship Speedrun

    That's not an entry. Brachistochrone transfers isn't practical with stock KSP. Need the mod with high physical time acceleration or run KSP for weeks.
  6. Flying Saucer

    A revisit of my previous Kraken Drive fairing flying saucer, re-equipped with infinite fuel engines. It's loaded with science equipment, which are all activated with action group 0. It's got a walkable interior that your kerbals can stretch their legs in. While supposedly it has artificial gravity generated by thrust, the game doesn’t understand it so if kerbals are in the craft interior while the craft is flying they’ll just bounce around on the inside. https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Flying-Saucer
  7. Torchship Speedrun

    Agree with the above as well, except that the ability to glide is sensible, as in atmosphere the heat and sound of the engine reflected off the ground may damage your craft, so horizontal landing would cause the least maintenance demand. Elite pilots like Jeb can only take 6.7Gs sustained, while tourists will pass out at as low as 4.3G.
  8. The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    Ahh, compound wheels, so that's how you get more torque.
  9. The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    Or just a screenshot of all the cars that were tested that didn't have a screenshot in the thread lined up in one place.
  10. The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    I wish you posted screenshots of cars that weren't submitted in this thread. We see exciting readouts but don't know what the car that clocked the times look like.
  11. Torchship Speedrun

    Got a torchship that doesn't need cheat mode. So technically satisfies the fuel without cheat mode requirement. Space bar to start, toggle main engines #1 and #2 with action groups 1 and 2. Though actual speedrun is too much work, because reaching Minmums without time warp takes a long time even with 8Gs of acceleration. https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Torchship
  12. Epstein Drive demostrator

    That's right!
  13. The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    Now a light kar, no inspiration, six wheels of functionality. Powered by fuel cell and has a cow catcher to absorb impacts and keep parts from exploding from inevitable collisions. Perfectly tuned steering gives it a natural cornering feel, and balanced weight distribution lets it keep all six wheels on the ground. Top speed with 43.8m/s without kerbal and 42.1m/s with kerbal. https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Race-Litekar-goduranus And a jet light kar which looks almost the same, note jetflap is linked to throttle and not brakes, so jet is off unless you press W. https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Race-Jetlitekar-goduranus
  14. The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    Got a kart. Comes with a detachable copula for the racer to wait for the race to start. Size in VAB is 5.3m long, but if you remove the copula it actually says 3.5m. https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Race-Kart-goduranus