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  1. First off , Love all the work that has been done with these. Would like suggest A part .... Heads Up Am really bad At drawing.... So dont LOL to hard. (NOTE Engine size are probably not right, and dont even need too be that good ...small and fit ) Would like to have cockpit up front and docking ring in the rear ( so I can change out the rear for Different missions) .... These would allow for some nice tug / lander builds. (also would not mind if the Door hinges were on the sides and the Engines came out the top / bottom Anyhow, I think that would be A nice part that is missing ... ( maybe even have a version that deploys solar panels)
  2. So .. I have not played in a long bit .. Got everything installed and work ... have alot of mods over all so not sure if its A mod or just the game. Anyhow .. when I have 2 rovers (just doing testing at the space center) ...and one bumps / touches ( Litf or drive on one of the rams the other one has ) ... one of them will go flying in the air ... not talking a litte ... maybe 80+ feet .. game is not crashing .. everything seems too be running fine ... It seems too be any parts ... have made a few rovers from different mods or stock .. happens no matter what it seems. Anyone know if its A bug with 1.3.1 or if any mods are causing this ?
  3. I teird to look up my issue , but did not see anything like this. Ok , So i have played alot of KSP .. steam shows 900+ hours. I know its more then that with some plays not using steam. So I am having Issues with stability assist ( stability assist only ) in space. When I am in space and turn on SAS and click stability assist ... my craft(s) start going nuts .... I am not talking a little bit ... makes it impossible to control. However, If I click on any other of the SAS buttons .. it is 100% fine. This is only A issue in space as far as I can tell. I have A crap ton of mods ... hmm .. Now that I think about it ... it might only be on probes. Tested A few of my sats (remote tech installed ) .. eh have 1 prob and one ASAS .. I would turn the torque on / off of ea of them and test .. if one or both of the torque(s) are on .. it starts too slowly go crazy. If both of it just floats. This is only with to stability assist on ... If I were to make SAS point prograde its fine ( or any of the others ) Any Idea ? ... I want to post video ... but I play in 5760 x 1080p and it took me forever to get it in that .. dont want too take it out of that .. and not sure where i could post A video with 5760 x 1080p. Have A wicked crap ton of mods that are all installed 100% right and updated. Going to check if manned ships do it also Thanks neko
  4. Its it just me ... or does anyone else get this filling of ... where did I go wrong when you see ppl like...BahamutoD, Roverdude, keptin, alexustas, Mihara, kospy44, Quiznos323 and many many more (so many more) make all these epic mods. I mean the make these amazing things and do it for free. I cant even cook without getting overwhelmed ... Oh well at least my cats love me. Thank you for your Epic work BahamutoD, as always its beautiful.
  5. Ok .. it was pointed out how I worded it very wrong. I am ungodly dyslexic (way more then most ppl who are). I tend to type how I am thinking and not how it should be to everyone else. To me it seems right. The question I was trying too ask was "Anyhow .. Just wondering on the fate these parts" referring to Asteroid Cities and if its parts are still A thing. Lets Rearrange it to normal ppl standers. I know at one point you had take over Asteroid Cities (parts) and were planning on adding them to Regolith. However, Regolith has ending due to your work in stock. I assume you are going to add the parts from Asteroid Cities too A.R.T. (I hate the stock claws, Loved the ones from Asteroid Cites & ART) Anyhow .. Just wondering on the fate these parts.
  6. Ok I got to Seriously Ask .. did you read my post? at all .. its referring to parts that were from another mod ( one that was not Roverduds, Asteroid Cities but he took over the parts from dtobi ) he was going too put it in Regolith last i heard, and that was long ago. I was asking about them... because I assume they would be moved to this .. but i dont know. Last I checked when you dont know something you ask
  7. First off, Roverdude I love all your mods and would like too thank you for all of your Hard work. Thank You. Was wondering if this Mod is still A thing. I know at one point you had taken over Asteroid Cities (parts) and were planing on adding it to Regolith. However, Regolith I think has ended dude to your work in stock. ( witch is epic btw) .. just wondering cause the Asteroid Cities parts and Asteroid Recycling Technologies parts I love. ( I hate the stock claw). Anyhow .. Just wondering on the fate these parts
  8. Ok so , I have A fresh install of KSP installed. I have installed Very few mods. ( Have installed way more then this in the past) Just wanted too test out the new Infernal Robotics + the Add ons for it. I have run the game threw steam or not threw steam, and have tryed -force-opengl also. Game randomly crashes, and if I am reading the error right , I am running out of memory. The last time the game crashed I was AFK for 20mins or so, So why they game was just running in VAB it crashed ... ran out of mem I think ? This happens if I run the game in 1080p or 5760x1080p. I have not had any crashing issues like this in long time. crash.dmp error report output_log I think this is all the info ... anyhow thank you for looking or trying ... anyone. Installed mods are. / GameData [Folder] ActiveTextureManagemnt (installed after I started having issues, did not help) CIT (This was part of another mod I installed, not sure ) KAS MagicSmokeIndustries (this is new just released the other day) <---- Have installed the rework parts in here NasaMission ProceduralFarinings Squad ToadicusTools TeakableEverthing TweakScale ModuleManager.2.5.10.dll ModuleManger.ConfigCache ModuleMangerConfigSHA
  9. Just want to say Thank you ZodiusInfuser for all the work you have done and you dont get paid for it. Anyhow Thank you very much Good Sir, you really helped make this game better for us.
  10. Reworking it to include the Asetroid Cities parts ? ... I love these parts, would miss them way too much, I wonder how it has changed ... have use prob size calws too scan .. then build A small workable base (like MKS/OKS stuff) then man it and can use it....arg I cant wait ... Anyhow Thanks for all your Effeort and taking over Asteroid Cities. ..... Just A what if ... instead of turning the Asteroid into Tanks ... Have them carve out rooms for A base. Could have them carve out 1/2 of the side of a Asteroid making it concave and work as A super Dish (that works with remote-tech) ... add A side has windows (rooms)... A small rail that rings around the asteroid and we could attach stuff to it ... say A solar panel or small antenna so we can adjust it too follow the sun / target. You could have internal parts that count and work .. but are not floating in space and wont effect the physx / part count. What/how much all could be add is based on the mass of the asteroid. So many things I would love too see. Anyhow thats just me dreaming.
  11. I just updated boxsat and ... now it dont seem too be working with RT2. It was before. what did i do ?
  12. Are you going to add Xenon Tanks at any point .. and you should add the RT2 range info too your anteena
  13. Having A issue with my EVA-X . Started A new game the other day, Landed on Minmus. Sent Jeb off on EVA with the EVA-X to grab some science. As i am on my way back I run out of monopropellant but It shows I still have 25 / 30. I look at the EVA-X and it list 25 monopropellant how ever it did not have any food/water or O2. .. but not as empty .. as in its not listed at. Luckly, I could transfer the mono too Jeb and make it back. However, I cant get the EVA-X too work. 1) auto trasfer mono- or have anything else in it. Using TAC and KAS both are working.
  14. Sup Guys, I am A bit confused. I have my Sat Network up in running in Geo-Sync orbit. All are at 1 day orbit Period. Everything is working, I can send A probe to Minmus and Control it their and back. However, I can not relay science back to Kerbal. What Am i doing wrong ? Thanks for any help.
  15. Been trying for A week not too run KSP 64 W/ Mods ... keep having crashes. Mostly clicking on parts in VAB or going to Load A ship. Am running KSP 64 exe, I am sure I installed all the Mods right. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled KSP and few times, re-downloaded the mods ect ect. Unity Player [version: Unity 4.5.2f1_9abb1b59b47c] KSP_x64.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP_x64.exe at 0033:03a30000. Error occurred at 2014-08-25_000624. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe, run by David. 34% memory in use. 16341 MB physical memory [10707 MB free]. 32679 MB paging file [25802 MB free]. 8388608 MB user address space [8385294 MB free]. Write to location 03a30000 caused an access violation. Context: RDI: 0xac3d3500 RSI: 0xa9a84c80 RAX: 0xabee71a0 RBX: 0x3fe27f10 RCX: 0xabee71a0 RDX: 0xa9a84c80 RIP: 0x03a30000 RBP: 0x0014edb0 SegCs: 0x00000033 EFlags: 0x00010206 RSP: 0x0014ed60 SegSs: 0x0000002b R8: 0x00000000 R9: 0x00000000 R10: 0x2945ff58 R11: 0xb45f01d0 R12: 0x0014f5a0 R13: 0x039e4d48 R14: 0x2e2bbb40 R15: 0x2e2bbb40 Bytes at CS:EIP: ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Module 1 C:\Windows\system32\xinput1_3.dll Image Base: 0x00400000 Image Size: 0x0001e000 File Size: 107368 File Time: 2007-04-04_185422 Version: Company: Microsoft Corporation Product: Microsoft® DirectX for Windows® FileDesc: Microsoft Common Controller API FileVer: 9.18.944.0 ProdVer: 9.18.944.0 Module 2 C:\Windows\system32\ksuser.dll Image Base: 0x71c10000 Image Size: 0x00006000 File Size: 5120 File Time: 2009-07-13_204114 Version: Company: Microsoft Corporation Product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System FileDesc: User CSA Library FileVer: 6.1.7600.16385 ProdVer: 6.1.7600.16385 Module 3 C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll Image Base: 0x76ec0000 Image Size: 0x0011f000 File Size: 1163264 File Time: 2014-03-04_044402 Version: Company: Microsoft Corporation Product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System FileDesc: Windows NT BASE API Client DLL FileVer: 6.1.7601.18409 ProdVer: 6.1.7601.18409 Module 4 C:\Windows\system32\USER32.dll Image Base: 0x76fe0000 Image Size: 0x000fa000 File Size: 1008128 File Time: 2010-11-20_222410 Version: Company: Microsoft Corporation Product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System FileDesc: Multi-User Windows USER API Client DLL FileVer: 6.1.7601.17514 ProdVer: 6.1.7601.17514 Module 5 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Image Base: 0x770e0000 Image Size: 0x001a9000 File Size: 1732032 File Time: 2013-08-28_211636 Version: Company: Microsoft Corporation Product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System FileDesc: NT Layer DLL FileVer: 6.1.7601.18247 ProdVer: 6.1.7601.18247 Module 6 C:\Windows\system32\PSAPI.DLL Image Base: 0x772b0000 Image Size: 0x00007000 File Size: 9216 File Time: 2009-07-13_204154 Version: Company: Microsoft Corporation Product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System FileDesc: Process Status Helper FileVer: 6.1.7600.16385 ProdVer: 6.1.7600.16385 == [end of error.log] ==