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  1. "I got a lotta problems with you people, and now you're going to hear about it!" https://www.wikihow.com/Celebrate-Festivus Happy FESTIVUS! Still cannot find my metal pole. But I got the clock ready just need to find a CANVAS sack. All I have are these crappy NYLON bags.
  2. Alright I know the KSP challenge rules but I am busy getting the aluminium pole from the crawl space. So my participation will be later. Complete any two of the following: Erect an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole with the proper strength to weight ratio Cook up a Festivus dinner Command the "Airing of Grievances" Display "Feats of Strength" Remember "a Festivus for the rest of us" Not familiar with FESTIVUS just google it.
  3. delta Vee calculator A FESTIVUS Miracle! And reduced memory usage Another FESTIVUS Miracle! Thank you red suited, black booted, wide black belted Kerbal with a cool hat. I will now need to go get the aluminium pole from the crawlspace.
  4. Imagine arcade cabinets in the Astronaut Complex lounge. Already we see KSP on some of the monitors. Space War and Moon Patrol would also make a good fit. Maybe recreating these games in a fixed 2D environment but still using most of the KSP parts.
  5. Every major update I would roll the credits. The credits have been evolving over the years. Has anyone cataloged them yet?
  6. Space Taxi by MUSE Software (1984). Who would want this modded into a KSP enviroment? Seems like almost everything is already in KSP to make this a reality. Just consider re-making some of the levels and have Kerbals that need to be picked up and transported to various landing pads. Here is a long play for those that want to see the game in all its 8 bit glory. If you watch the Bean Stalk level I would like to see an actual transformer like landing pad that starts extending upward and making the pads. With mods like Infernal Robotics the
  7. Twitch does not have the bits for ASCII 0x20 so the need of an 0x5F in between my name is a common solution. Please insert a _ and separate my name to "Moesly_Armlis"
  8. Have been waiting to play until a new patch. Good to hear that it is coming SoonTM!
  9. Certainly no caveman would use the cheat menu. It was only used for introductory demonstration of the concepts. Wait till you see my Very Knot-EEE Solution! Nothing was said about which planet to orbit. Remember the definition of planet is any world that orbits a star. Moons are separate biomes and I consider that a different world.
  10. Try using the small radiator to contain kerbals. The aero dynamics are much easier to predict and less weight than the girder. You may need two or three of them so it adds to part count. If you attach them flipped over. This prevents the attachment legs from colliding with the kerbal. Another fantastic alternative is using a service bay that is attached 90 degree. Tricky part is getting the kerbal inside and closing the doors with out summing the kraken. Spaghetti-kerbal death is just a terrible way to go. Try adjusting the position of you
  11. @LordFerretAre you submitting a new KSP caveman challenge? Get to orbit using only potential energy!
  12. KSP Caveman Celestial Navigation KSP Caveman have an abhorrent fear of technological devices. Never Trust A Computer You Cannot Bash! So KSP caveman get by with what we have. Using instinct along with trial and error. Navigating interplanetary beyond Kerbin's backyard is sketchy. No maneuver nodes makes an intercept risky. We have had KSP Caveman reach Duna but most are hesitant and stick with visiting Mun or Minmus. The goal is to expand the KSP Caveman's set of tools for navigating beyond Kerbin. It should be possible to use the equ
  13. Congratulations @IncongruousGoat Feel proud to show off your NCD stone. There are other synthetic substances that are harder than NCD and Nanocrystalline Diamond was chosen because it is found in meteorite craters. This article details more information about NCD. https://www.nature.com/articles/srep37232 Looks like I am coming back to KSP at the right time. We have one caveman completing the NCD challenge and another taking up the path. It. Has. Begun! Caveman Navigation The issue with naviga
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