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  1. Probes that have no signal also have no control under the proper difficulty settings. So in order to mitigate the lack of a flight computer I am suggesting that science reports should be able to automatically trigger when reaching a specific situation. The science package is programmed during fabrication or in flight. The science modules could have target and situation options. Planning a mission to explore space just outside of Kerbin's SOI when the Deep Space Network is in its infancy. The Goo canister and other science instruments are programmed to obtain science while Flying High in space over the Sun. Then when the vessel reaches that specific situation the probe wakes, completes the science experiment, stores it and then returns to hibernation. The science reports could then be relayed back to Kerbin once the probe is back within the range of the Deep Space Network.
  2. KSP Caveman Challenge 1.2

    There are two new biomes on Kerbin. The Northern Ice Shelf and the Southern Ice Shelf. There is also the Kerbin Ice Caps but only in the North (probably a bug in the biome map). I just visited the South Pole and no sign of the Kerbin's Ice Caps biome just the Southern Ice Shelf. There are also some reports that are tricky to obtain and I only found them by accident. Temperature scan and crew report while Flying over Kerbin's VAB. I was using the a Bow-Sci rover and while moving the temperature scan and crew report were initiated. There are also the same reports for the SPH. I have tried a parachute fall over the VAB and the report was not obtainable. Only while moving on the surface will trigger this report. The "while Flying over Kerbin's VAB" has got me a pondering. Could this indicate that a VAB can be located other than Kerbin?
  3. Probe Control Point

    I stand corrected. The RC-001S and the RC-L01 have the Probe Control Point. Too bad these are at the end of the tech tree. I was looking for probe uses at the beginning. Consider the option for DSN modifier at zero. Probes cannot be operated until second tier science facility upgrade and unlocking the Mk1-2 Command module. If there was a flight computer so a probe could be programmed for flight then probes could have use early on. But adding FC is complicated and that is why adding a Probe Control Point to the Hitchhiker came to mind. Another method for allowing probes early on is another suggestion I have been considering. The ability to upgrade Building stats such as the DSN modifier. So at a cost of Funds and Science the building stats can be improved. These will be in the form of buffs so when a building is upgraded to the next tier the buff carries forward. The Building Stats Improvements suggestion I will be adding after my suppertime.
  4. Probe Control Point What is the function of a Probe Control Point you ask. It enables remote control of probes that are no longer connected to the KSC. Think of having a RC car race on Eeloo The only part that has a Probe Control Point is the MK1-2 Command Module. I suggest that additional parts should have this feature. Give the PPD-10 some love and attention. Enable the Probe Control Point for this part. This part should have some additional function to it other than hauling kerbals and snacks. As for any other parts that should have this Probe Control Point option include them here.
  5. KSP Caveman Challenge 1.2

    This is what i was referring to. Probe Control Point Needs 2 pilots and is beyond Caveman technology. This is the only part that has a Probe Control Point. Now that makes me want to suggest that the Hitchhiker could serve as another option for Probe Control Point.
  6. Base Building Expanded

    I have not but the weldable docking port would be an awesome addition to stock.
  7. KSP Weekly: A new team member!

    I might be reading between the lines here but does this have anything to do with the upcoming exciting new content. Having the option to own and operate another facility is on my wish list.
  8. Wait, these still exist?

    I honestly have just figured out how EVA kerbals are becoming stuck in orbit. It is because of players like me who are playing Extreme Hard Career. I use a Kerbal Korral to achieve EVA science without improving the Astronaut Complex. The kerbal EVA while on kerbin climbs into the corral and goes to space. Just recently Bob was sent over to Mun to collect science and reset the experiments on the science lander. He was nearly stranded because the jetpack propellant was nearly depleted. I was almost faced with the problem of rescuing Bob while he had zero jetpack propellant. A claw could capture him but that science node was a long way off. Only prospect for rescue was the 1.25m Service Bay.
  9. KSP Caveman Challenge 1.2

    Landing on Mun and returning opens up contracts to explore Minmus. The Minmus contracts provide science, reputation and funding. The docking port has been acquired and now construction of the Mun science lander begins. Mun landing and returning science becomes very easy once orbital construction is unleashed. Next will be ground based construction when the wheels are unlocked. Construction could be vastly improved if only one part of RoverDude's Konstruction mod was part of the stock game. Take a look at the weldable docking port. Simply awesome. To add the weldable docking port to stock I would introduce a new part the Weldable Construction node and is available in the Advanced Construction node. This part is similar to the docking port junior but does not transfer resources until welded. Stay on Target @DD_bwest For each difficulty I am planning on having a separate badge. And instead of collecting minerals I would like to introduce Caveman Feats. The feats will be similar to the Order of Troglodyte. I have conceptualized the artwork: there will be a progression of whiskers for each caveman badge. So easy will have a stubbly shadow and then next levels will have increased shag. I really like this picture that @Atubara created and it has inspired me to create some artwork to accompany it. Since RL reared its ugly head towards me last month and now just bouncing back from it I plan on finishing the badges and cavewall. Something I am noticing about playing EH caveman career is that it becomes a risky business to acquire science. The solution to this problem takes a radical design. The method I employed was to push my lander. If a pilot is on board with a relay antenna then a remotely controlled probe should be possible I have yet to test this. Be back soon with results.
  10. Secret Biomes

    There are many sites to visit for science at the KSC and this map does help but is incomplete. The Biome maps have been cleaned up for the 1.2 update. The Tundra bioome is gone now along with its splashed biome. Same goes for the Grassland Splashed biome that would have been right next to the Tundra splashed. Gone too are the days of settling in on the East Crater and could bring back several biome reports. The biome hopping done on extra planetary places will now have to be replaced with roving. The new biomes have helped to replace some of the missing Science Points. When I first discovered the biomes listed in the spoiler in the OP, it was in the Science Archives and I was not sure how I obtained them. Excitingly I began testing and was happy that a new discovery was made. Hence this post. There are two new biome areas on Kerbin but I would not call them tricky to obtain. I was enthusiastic to find one on an expedition for gelato and can surmise that the counter part exist. The expedition has already been planned and we will be setting off soon. The playstyle I have chosen is an Extreme Hard career (placing all difficulty sliders for maximum negative effects) and KSC science is vital to a successful agency. Everybody seems to think there is so much easy science just laying around. Try some EH career and see it from my perspective where if the Science Points indicator is zero but the bar is green you keep the report. This smidge of science is after the second report worth 0.02 and the total is now 0.39 Science Points. But there is still some residue after the third rinse. I think this is still being added to the grand total but remains 0.39 Science Points for this report. The new biomes have replaced Science points that were lost during the update to the biome map. Still keeping the balance in my opinion.
  11. Secret Biomes

    Poking a science stick around the KSC and noticed some tricky biomes. Post any secret biomes and please use spoilers.
  12. KSP Caveman Challenge 1.2

    Did the discoveries involve the work done on the lawn? I have yet to build on the lawn in this new KSP release but should be giving that a whirl real soon. Great job on completing the run. Your naming scheme is so annealing. Brittle Iron heated, sustained then cooled slowly. Try zero or 20 ablator on the heat shield. You can do without it entirely but that does not always work out for me. The free return is something I would like to perfect and have only tried a handful of times. Without any patched conics approximation of the encounter this maneuver becomes risky. I have been investigating a method for caveman navigation. I propose that by observing the telemetry from the map and applying calculations an encounter could be predicted. A solution to the altitude of the periapsis should be possible based on observed data. If this can be accomplished then setting off interplanetary can become safer when a navigator is on board. edit I did receive the amusing contract. But without docking ports or EVA in space how am I suppose to accomplish this? I am certain this contract got generated because I was able to obtain EVA science from around Mun.
  13. Is HarvesteR still around?

    Try this way @HarvesteR
  14. KSP Caveman Challenge 1.2

    Another example of kerbal engineering and "we can build it" thinking at its finest. Just needs duct tape. New fuel flow allows the lander to use the FLT-100 as landing legs. The tanks are already dry and were used during ascent. The lander has a full FLT-200 with roughly 1200 m/s delta V budget and is cutting it quite close. Docking ports? We don't need no stinking docking ports! Well in fact that is the next node I am trying to unlock. With docking ports the EH career becomes less grinding and more constructing. Limited technology and no contract to explore Minmus determined this mission profile. Attempt to land on Mun and return This was my first shove attempt and was pleased at the results. The vessels stayed together during the burn with minimal wobble. Having SAS enabled in the lander and pointed towards prograde helps significantly. In previous version of KSP the SAS would disengage and this type of maneuver was tough to pull off. Usually I send off a probe to land and return but with the EH career this has proved difficult. The relay network limits probe use. The idea is to shove a lander vessel into a higher orbit. Then land and return to Mun orbit. Rendezvous and shove back to kerbin. The question is would a relay network be cheaper to implement? Since the Probodobodyne does not act as a relay, relays will need to be manned command pods. The other option is a hybrid where the lander is a probe and the relay network shoves the lander into Mun orbit. edit The shove method might be the best option. It takes three shove ships to get the lander to Mun. A fourth Shove ship will be used at Mun to assist with the de-orbit maneuver. With the intention of crashing the lower tanks I attempted to land the lander. Only two tanks broke.
  15. KSP Caveman Challenge 1.2

    That there is an excellent guide, I have always had trouble with re-entry of an un -balanced load. Thanks @GoSlash27! Another tip I can offer is using the COM tool and then translate a part. The arrows now grow when zooming out. Something got foxed because previous this was always a problem to line up the COM with the COT. The go to space with a Thud challenge is where I can remember having problems. Use COM and COT tools and Part Translate to align them. Zooming out increases the Part Translation arrows to reach the COM ball. Another tip I have just stumbled on deals with the contract conundrum.