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  1. Because I asked the difference between what looked like the same thing and you were needlessly condescending about the other one, Jognt. I'll use Next.
  2. What is the difference between KJR Continued and KJR Next?
  3. This question was not answered... Snark.
  4. I'm looking for a way to remove the "Dock Two Vessels" and "Transfer Crew" requirements from Exploration contracts. They're neat for the first time around Kerbin but I don't want to do them for every single world to explore. Is there a simple way to go about this? I couldn't find them in the Contracts.cfg file (GameData\Squad\Contracts) and I don't have any particularly decent modding knowledge.
  5. I love this mod. Glad to see it on CKAN again. Thanks for keeping it going!
  6. I grab this mod every new version. Thanks for keeping it updated!
  7. I appreciate the portrait stats. Thanks for keeping it updated!
  8. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate that this mod exists.
  9. Why are you still incredibly toxic to the CKAN users when this really doesn't have anything to do with them? The problem is Mod Authors have issues with CKAN. That is the root.
  10. That seems to be a byproduct of the real issue. So let's not trash the average user. The conversation should be about how mod authors and CKAN can resolve their issue.
  11. The average user is absolutely not being malicious here. Not being literate in mods and bugs and posting about issues in the wrong section is not a crime worth the scorn some people here have been dishing out to them.
  12. This kind of talk is toxic and has no place here. CKAN users are innocent of this drama and only want a mod managing tool to make enjoying mods easier. Treating them like second-class citizens because mod authors are upset with CKAN itself is repugnant.
  13. Hey! Couldn't find your mod on ckan. Could you put it up there? Just too much of a pain trying to manage a bunch of mods without it.
  14. Red herring. It has nothing to do with his point.
  15. Finally someone speaks some sense. So much entitled whining. Even a former dev throwing a tantrum.
  16. Does this mod play well with RealRoster by Enneract or do things get screwy?
  17. I don't approve the Opt-Out method. It shouldn't have been made in such a way to make it even slightly inconvenient to disable in an effort to infect as many people with this as possible. I, too, will no longer be using mods that have ModStatistics bundled with them.
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