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    [1.6.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    Hello, about two weeks ago i bought my friend KSP and since we have been enoying messing around over calls. about two days ago we tried LMP, The setup was easy and we were in game together within 5 minutes of downlaoding the mod! However, my friend launched to orbit so i could rendezvous with him but anytime i got close he seemed to accelerate away, and whenever he synced to me his orbit changed. He has a very old and slow computer and i can see him lagging, i presume this is the problem but thought i would ask anyway. either way great work on this, and hope to see it fully implemented one day! :)
  2. ratchet9868

    Old textures

    Hello, I've been playing KSP since 2013 and i don't really like the new fuel tank/decoupler textures, is there any way to get the original ones back? also i prefered the old explosion FX, is there any way to get those too?
  3. ratchet9868

    [1.4.2] Before Kerbin - 2 Billion Years before Kerbol

    Okay, this is what it lookled like in the mod review i saw; https://imgur.com/FKIHfxC I'm really sorry, i didnt realise it was just flipped till i looked closer, my KSP is contsantly buuggy and things dont tend to work as intended. Putting that aside, Awesome Mod! amazing textures, great ideas, and the excitement of something new really make KSP fun again, Not to mention a dev that offers a lot of support. Brilliant work, Keep it up.
  4. ratchet9868

    [1.4.2] Before Kerbin - 2 Billion Years before Kerbol

    @Gameslinx i mean the land masses are identical. https://imgur.com/fdH05F6 I dont know if that imgur link is working. sorry i'm new to the forum. Also i am using scatterer as far as i'm aware. :3
  5. ratchet9868

    [1.4.2] Before Kerbin - 2 Billion Years before Kerbol

    Yes, i know it's supposed to be similar but i watched a video and it looks nothing the same as mine. i put a screenshot up if you wanna look.
  6. ratchet9868

    [1.4.2] Before Kerbin - 2 Billion Years before Kerbol

    Hey, I'm having a problem with The Atlas. the land masses are the same as Kerbin, Just sandy coloured. is this intentional? Have i done something wrong? https://imgur.com/fdH05F6
  7. ratchet9868

    DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.6.1] [Alpha]

    Hiya, just here to ask if this works with mods such as the outer planets mod, or before kerbin/after Kerbin, and if so how do i install them. Cheers. :3
  8. Nevermind, it's working now! Awesome mod, keep up the great work! Is there any way to change the planets so they're not just the stock ones?
  9. ratchet9868

    KSP; A Time Capsule To 2017

    Just found this going through the 17-18 posts that i ever put up! Awesome!
  10. When i load the game No stars appear, I've backdated to 1.2.2, I've re-installed KSP, i watched the video and installed it the right way, but it's still not working, Please help?
  11. ratchet9868

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    sorry mate, Granted, but i have no idea what that is I wish oasis would get back together - - - Updated - - -
  12. ratchet9868

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, you now have £1000 on it, but get hacked after I wish Oasis would get back together (The band, not the drink XD)
  13. 1. never EVER De-orbit by pointing down, it waste's tons of fuel 2. you can never have to much fuel in my eye's, make excessively big launch stages. 3. Use the navball or learn to! its a vitality 4. knowing how to dock is extremely helpful. 5. dont get angry when something dosnt work, keep testing
  14. ratchet9868

    biggest rocket?

    what mod is that?
  15. ratchet9868

    what was the most important version?

    that is a point... but still new planets...