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  1. Damion Rayne

    Private Division looks for a Community Manager for KSP!

    Wouldn't mind being able to come back to this.
  2. Damion Rayne

    Sentinel Heavy Industries ASRR MKIV 6X6

    That would be why I choose to go for a more "frame" based approached, was worried about a longer wheelbase.
  3. Damion Rayne

    Sentinel Heavy Industries ASRR MKIV 6X6

    Any feedback?
  4. Damion Rayne

    Post your Rover MEGATHREAD

    Just one of my rover builds when 1.1 pre came out to the public. I've a forum thread up about it in the exchange, but figured I'd share a pic here to.
  5. The Sentinel Conglomerate is proud to announce the 2016 "Model 4" Advanced Surface Reconnaissance Rover, new from Sentinel Heavy Industries. The Sentinel "Model Four" ASSR has been new updated and features several new features, improvements, and additions. First and foremost is the all new advanced 6x6 wheel base featuring an all new frame and suspension reinforcement structure. New in Model four is a fully redundant sensor suit containing all the latest scientific equipment, backed up by dual transmission antenna's that re featured in model four's newly upgraded communications suite. Model four also features a surface "truth" and GPS location monitoring system, as well as a fully functioning materials bay for all your science needs. Also new in Model four is the tripple redundant power pack featuring, * An FL-T100 Fuel Tank and Twin Fuel Cells * Four PB-NUK Reactors * Back up Solar power pack Powering a Tripple Z-1k rechargeable battery-back. Model Four also features fully autonomous auto-pilot for all your rescue operations needs. See your Authorized Sentinel Dealer for more, https://kerbalx.com/DamionRayne/SHI-ASRR-4-6x6 Glamour Shot
  6. Why thank you good sir. Much obliged, and great work. You and these planet mods (along others like KIS/KAS and infernal robotics) are getting me back in to ksp.
  7. Hey Kill, will this work alongside OPM at the moment? Sorry for the dumb question, just curious. I'm hoping to have Arkas, Asclepius, OPM and this in a single game... >.> lol
  8. Damion Rayne

    Devnote Tuesday: 1.0.5 is approaching

    Time to go back to KSP yet again. WOOT
  9. Damion Rayne

    Galactic Neighborhood

    I am sure I might have just miss installed everything, but when the game launches I get a black screen with nothing on it baring bits of the UI, so nto sure /what/ broke, but something did. Let me see if I can try again and report back. Is there an "install order" that is best ala bethsoft style modding for this? or does it not matter?
  10. Damion Rayne

    Galactic Neighborhood

    Have been having a good deal of trouble actually getting this to work after installing the dependencies and all the planet packs.
  11. *cough* Refinery - Driller - Support Tanker -
  12. I started back in 0.8/0.9, and joined the forums actively four days after 0.12 came out. So, my munar landings? Well..my first one was when EVA came out, so that made it more awesome I think.
  13. Damion Rayne

    Rovers vs. Drag

    If you look closely, you can see that my Eos Rover there (which circumnavigated Kerbin) is maintaining speed in the 50m/s range, with a TWR or 0.24 This seemed normal to me. My kart is light, and has a jet engine on the back. Makes sense. Now, however, the drag system fights my rovers like heck. In order to get the same speed, with a similarly-designed rover, I need somewhere in the vicinity of 1.8 TWR. That's just ridiculous. So what can I do to get back to the performance I've become accustomed to? I'm certainly not gonna run my rover at the TWR. The closest solution I've found is opening up the debug menu and changing the atmo drag... but to me, this feels like cheating, unless someone has figured out what settings to put it to, to make it back into the soup (or equivalent). Another idea I've had is to just make a plane, then stick wheels on it... but then it'll look stupid and I won't drive it. Has anyone else encountered similar problems? You do realize that rover is currently doing a 111.85MPH/180.005KPH right? What else do you want? A 200 mile an hour rover jumping over terrain that no vehicle on earth in the real world would be able to maintain that speed over? Come on now...