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  1. Hey Everyone! So here's that update I promised, as I said I had to take a week off for RL reasons but here we are after about two weeks of actual work! It's not much, but I'm happy with the progress. So, today I started out with a "Test Render" in Blender to see what the desired outcome would look like, (albiet I don't have any graphical mods installed). That test render and test planet, was this, Step 2, was getting all of our primary "Maps" off of this sphere and that started with some frustration as the first output for the Diffuse Map (Color) was this, Now, these little black triangles are there for a few reasons, but there's no need to go in to details at the moment. Suffice to say, the desired outcome required some manual fine tuning of the sphere object in blneder as well as manually adding in new vertcies and the use of a plugin to help me properly bake to a texture that was manually unwrapped to a grid. That outcome was this, the first diffuse map, Much better yeah? It's also flipped and still wrong, but, baby steps and progress! (There's also still plenty of polar distortion to work out later in either gimp or fixing the unwrap process in blender) So, what's next? Well, our Normal Map and our Height Map, Again, not great by any stretch of the imagination, but progress is progress. All of this ended the work day with a test world in game as about 30 minutes ago or so, Not quite the goal eh? No, not really, but this proves the process works (albiet it needs a LOT MORE work to be better than it is) but the outcome is a planet from concept to in-game in the span of about 4 hours or so of total work. There's also still several issues to iron out, 1. The planet is being light from The Sun even at 0.04LY from it. 2. The Local PQS Space isn't colored correctly at all. 3. Local PQS Space is having generation issues, but it does generate and is landable. So that's it for today, stay tuned for more over the weekend! -Rayne
  2. Hey all! The mod isn't dead, I know I went quiet for a bit but I've been really busy IRL. Stay tuned for more info soon!
  3. This is the coolest thing ever. Well done Jeb!
  4. Here it is, Games Industry Professional (She/Her) Former Community Manager - Kerbal Space Program (2011 - 2013) Former CM - Legends of Aethereus , Heliborne, Grumpy WitchFormer US Navy Medical Professional - Disabled Veteran, Honorable Now that that is out of the way, all of my points still stand. The level of down right abuse I see here, coupled with the level of confidence displayed by those who've not worked a single day in this industry bothers me a great deal. This team is talented, dedicated, and passionate. I believe in them, and game development is HARD. I would beg you all to have some patience. Wait till the final product is in your hands and then make your critiques, but do so without the downright abusive tone. Please?
  5. Literally all of this. For all 4 games I've worked on. All of it. 100% accurate.
  6. 1. I am not a Sir, it's litreally in my signature. 2. I have no comment on their communication and marketing strategy at the moment. 3. I do not work for PD or Intercept so I would be entirely unable to answer any questions like this.
  7. Yes. 4. Kebral Space Program. Legends of Aethereus. Heliborne. Grumpy Witch. I am also in talks to become a Senior Community and Media Relations manager for the US arm of a AAA studio tomorrow morning. Also, all four of the projects I worked on were Unity Engine projects. I've also done QA/Testing and been a QA Lead, again, for Kerbal Space PRogram, for which I was one of the people who started the Experimental Testing Team and Media Teams for the game whose forums you are on asking me this as you seem to have not read my signature.
  8. I have no idea what to say to this, other than, this reads like someone whose never worked on a single software or game project before.
  9. Cool! I'm also talking about the start of the calender year in jan and the end of the fiscal year in march (which is 3 months apart) but please do go on correcting me and being pedantic.
  10. Oh? That? No. That doesn't happen. Especially when a project "goes gold" yeah, thought you were talking about something else.
  11. Yes actually, code bases can and do change, a lot over a the course of the whole development cycle. Re-writes, Forks, Engine Updates and Changes, Code Cleanup passes after an Audit, etc. This does in fact happen, often.
  12. Take 2 Interactive's Fiscal Year ends in March. Fiscal Year 2023 Ends March 31st 2023. People seeing that the game was pushed to "Q4 FY 2023" think that means the game will launch in Oct - Dec 2023 which is now how Fiscal Years work. When I say "Off By 3 Months" I mean, that T2's "Fiscal Reporting" for the "New Fiscal Year" Starts April 1st, meing their Fiscal year is "Off" by about 3 months compared to the Calender year.
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