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  1. Awesome mod, but currently rings aren't showing up on Linux. The first part of the problem is with KittopiaTech, it contained several references to a "Gamedata" folder rather than "GameData". This works fine on windows, which doesn't use a case sensitive filesystem, but causes issues on operating systems that do. I've submitted a fix for this on the github repo, so hopefully that will get pulled soon. In the meantime, here's a fixed PFUtilityAddon.dll. Drop it in the KittopiaSpace/Plugins folder. The second part of the problem is also due to case sensitivity issues. Renaming "sarnus_ring.png" to "Sarnus_ring.png", and "urlum_ring.png" to "Urlum_ring.png", fixes the rings on Linux.
  2. You're very welcome. Be aware though, that Squad are implementing some form of Crew Transfer in .25 (according to the latest devnotes), so this mod might not have much of a raison d'être after that. I'll maintain CrewXfer until then, but after that it depends on how exactly they've decided to handle it. If it's similar to the way Ship Manifest or Crew Manifest do it, then you can be assured that CrewXfer is sticking around.
  3. It's not in the scope of this mod, I'm afraid. If you want that then you should check out Ship Manifest.
  4. Post an issue, with a log file attached, on the Github page linked in the very first post. I can't fix the issue without that log file. Post the log file. At the risk of repeating myself, I'd like to ask anybody reporting issues, to post a log file, please. Because, otherwise, I have absolutely no idea what exactly is going wrong. For all I know with the information that I have been given: there could be a bug in my code; you might have installed it incorrectly; there could be a conflict with another mod; a cosmic ray might have flipped a bit. Or perhaps your computer even spontaneously combusted, which would with near-certainty put a damper CrewXfer's ability to transfer crew (and would viciously slaughter any other functions of that smoldering wreck that used to be a computer). I'm sorry if this is coming across as rude, but I would like to try to diagnose and to fix these issues. Which I can't do... (have you guessed it already?) ...without the log file.
  5. I can't really tell you much without a log file, but if you report it on github, with the log attached, I'll try and look into it. Does it work with new vessels?
  6. Do you have ModuleManager installed? If not, that's probably the issue. If you do have it installed, report an issue on github and include a log file.
  7. I've just uploaded v0.5. It'll take a while for it to show up on Curse, but it's already available on Github. Release Notes: Now built against 0.24 As per Tortoise's request, Kerbals can be swapped between full crew modules. 5thHorseman suggested a way to do it that doesn't clutter the UI.
  8. Hmmm... I hadn't even considered this. I'll have to take a look at some of the UIPartAction controls, but this might be doable. I'm definitely considering implementing this feature now.
  9. I probably won't implement this. For two reasons: Firstly it would clutter up the codebase (admittedly it's incredibly small at the moment, but I'd like to keep it that way). The UI code (and functionality) are implemented using PartModules and I'm not currently aware of another way to do it. To have a "Swap XXX Kerman" function would require some sort of shared state between PartModules, which would mean another dirty hack on top a mod that is to be quite honest an ugly, if stable hack. I haven't really touched the code in about two weeks, but as it's currently implemented it uses some dirty tricks with reflection to determine how many parts are right-clicked, whether they can store crew, and if they can, it enables the "Transfer XXX Kerman" actions and redraws the UIPartActionWindow, otherwise it's hidden. Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware it's the only way to do it. If I recall correctly, FireSpitter uses the same trick for redrawing tweakables. Secondly, the whole point of this mod was to avoid spamming the UI as much as possible, and I'd rather not add any extra windows or options that aren't entirely necessary. I'm not really sure how I'd fit in a "Swap" button, without introducing another window, or cluttering up an already cluttered right-click menu. At the moment I have another small project that I'm working on (it's only in the early stages), that I suspect users of this and CLS might find interesting. I'll post it on the forums and github as soon as I have some usable code.
  10. Thanks. The issue is that you don't have ModuleManager installed. The bigger issue is that I didn't specify that it was required, so that's my fault. I've updated the main post and added a link to the mod.
  11. For everyone who wanted "Transfer ..." to be hidden unless there's two parts selected, I've uploaded a prerelease to github. (Found here). I would very much appreciate it if people could test it, and help me kill any bugs that crop up. It is a prerelease however, so don't expect it to be stable. If you could test the prerelease, that would help. And I know you've said that there's nothing strange, but could you PM the log file anyway? Just in case you've missed anything.
  12. Can you post a report and log file on github? (go to the issues tab).
  13. I've gotten that (mostly) working, and it's currently in the git repo. I'll try to get a build out soon, it's just that I've started work at a summer job and I haven't had the chance to do much testing on it. In other words: Soon.